Monday, May 26, 2014


This post was inspired by the recent Santa Barbara incident and the hashtag "YesAllWomen" trending on twitter. This is a bit ranty, which I normally don't do because I'm a pretty laid back person, but this type of thing riles me up.

Yes I'm a feminist.
Does that mean I hate men?
Why would that word mean that?
As a feminist, I believe in equal rights for EVERYONE. All sexes and genders. I don't hate people. I actually really like humans.

Why is it that when an attractive female turns down an ugly guy, she is being a snob (stuck up, bitch)? AND YET, why is the guy not considered a snob for only bothering with a 10 female and not a 3? If he doesn't want to bother with an "ugly" girl, why should the girl have to bother with an "ugly" guy? If its in his biology to seek out the "best" (looking) mate, why shouldn't her biology be the same?

An attractive female has to deal with the fact, that the main reason why you have even bothered to talk to her, or be "nice", is because looking at her makes your dick feel funny.

So she should take it as a compliment, and be so grateful for your attention she should part her meat curtains and take in all the glory that is your cock.

If your end game with all female interactions is to slide into her pink cookie, you should just buy a real doll. Stop pretending that you are interested in a human connection.

We don't need our life validated by you and your stank stick. We don't wait our whole existence for you to show up and give our life "purpose". Stop being a narcissistic asshole and treat women like human beings and see where that gets you. You just might be surprised.

As a woman, we don't owe men anything.
Just because you want entrance to our vagina doesn't mean you deserve it, that its your right.
Having a penis doesn't give you the default option of owning all the vaginas.

As a female I have (and this is by no means a complete list):

  • Had rude and sexually explicit things yelled at me.
  • Been told to smile. So many freakin times. I am not sorry that my resting face (also known as "bitch face" ugh) makes you uncomfortable. I am not your dancing monkey put here for your amusement. If standing next to a non smiling male at the bus stop doesn't bother you, you should really ask yourself why a non smiling female does. I really don't understand why I have to grin like an idiot every time a guy looks at my face. Fuck you, I was in a good mood until you ruined it.
  • Had a guy make a u turn and get out of his car and ask if he could give me a ride. Um. No. I am not getting in your car, are you insane?
  • When I was working retail in a store and had a guy follow me around, pestering me, even following me to the "employees only" door until I had to be forceful about how inappropriate he was being. He still asked me when I got off work.
  • Have a guy follow me onto a bus, sit next to me, and try to get me to get off at his stop. Don't touch me.
  • Have a guy grab my hand at a concert and try to lead me away. Gave me the most annoyed/confused look when I wouldn't comply. Again, what the fuck? DON'T TOUCH ME. 
  • Been abducted for a short time. Yeah, that's right. At 19, I got off a bus about 11 o'clock at night. I was wearing baggy cargo jeans, and a long sleeve hoodie pulled up over my face. A guy came up behind me with a knife and put his arm around my shoulders/neck really tight and told me to keep walking. I complied for a block or two until he wanted to turn town a street that led to a dark field. I gripped a fence and wouldn't let go. He smiled and patted my back and said "You're a good kid" and let me go. I raced down the street and (ever the law abiding citizen) waited at a red light to cross a street. A concerned guy in a car at the red light asked if I wanted help, that he would drive me to the police station. Sorry actual real nice guy, I wasn't in the mood to interact with more strangers!

A hound chasing a bunny is having fun, its a game. For the bunny it's not a game, its life or death. If you are a nice guy, remember that. You may have been a hound raised to think you're a bunny, but you still look like and have all the capacity to be a predator.


  1. I LOVED this post! The resting face thing - I know exactly what you mean! Oh my God. A man has a neutral face and he's neutral, a woman has her neutral face on and she's "a bitch." Anyway, fantastic post and I kinda didn't know you had it in you to use the word "cock" and also "meat curtains" and "pink cookie" were totally new to me. AWESOME POST!

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that :)

      Ha, yeah "cock" and "fuck" are not typically part of my vernacular, my husband says that when I say "fuck" I over pronounce the "f" and makes it sound weirder/harsher.

      I gather phrases for things all over the place. "Meat Curtains" I've seen on some blogs and "pink cookie" was from a girl I use to work with at the lingerie store :) I'm not that creative to come up with my own ;)

      I just get so upset with the whole men activism thing and the blaming women for their problems, it's such crap.

  2. Well put...I was once stalked my senior year in high school by a guy who had lived next door to us for a couple of months 7 year earlier...he randomly ran into me at a coffee shop and would not leave me alone....for months...he just showed up wherever I was and if I left, he'd show up at the next place....he even got a job as a substitute teacher at my school, but nothing as scary as being abducted....that, I just....I have no words for that......and now I'm going to have to figure out how to work the phrase "meat curtains" into conversations.....

    1. Any kind of harassment isn't pleasant, I think all kinds have their own degree of awfulness. Least my experience as least than 10 minutes, while yours was longer and caused more long term stress. I'm the type of person that tries not to let things get me down for too long, or jade me (aside from my fear of driving!), so I don't feel like I'm traumatized over my experience. Does make me more aware of my surroundings though!
      I have used "cookie" to describe down there out loud, but I think "meat curtains" will stay in my head. It is fun to say though! I don't know if I'd ever have the right conversation in person to bring that out ;)