Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday Links 5-8-14

  • Draw A Stick man So silly, so fun :) I like to alternate from trying to actually draw what they want vs something really silly. And by silly I mean penis. One time only, I swear.
  • What 200 Calories Look Like It's nice to have it as a visual, just hearing it or reading it as "grams" or "ounces" doesn't really do it for me. That is a lot of baby carrots vs butter!
  • 13 Everyday Things That Are Harder To Do In Space I've watched a few videos on YouTube of this astronaut (yet I don't know his name! Shame on me) and it's all just so fascinating!
  • List Challenges Do you like lists? I like lists. This is a neat site of various lists, and you just click stuff you've done, read, ate... It's a lovely little time waster :)
  • 16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep another infographic! I don't know about sleep position determining your personality though.

Let me know if I start repeating myself! I've done enough Thursday Links now that I think it's a possibility...

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