Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Links 5-1-14

  • Japanese Boy and his Bulldog Too much cuteness! It looks like this boy and his dog are really great pals :) The fact that they seem about the same size adds to the cute factor, I think. My favorite is the one with them sleeping on that little round cushion on the floor.
  • 30 Signs You're Almost 30 Okay, I'm already past 30 but this list seems pretty accurate :) Need to find one about turning 40... that sounds so old to me right now but it's really not that far away! I don't feel like I'm a grown up yet.
  • 16 year old enters drawing contest Oh holy hell that is so good! I have never drawn anything remotely good as that! Reminds me of when I met a girl in high school, and I showed her some of my drawings one day (feeling pretty good about them), not knowing that SHE could draw as well. She showed me a piece she was working on later that year and I felt so embarrassed for myself. My friends art was SO MUCH BETTER. Mine looked so amateur in comparison!
  • Time Lapse Photos It always amazes me what people can do with a camera! This photos came out so lovely.
  • Panoramic View of Mars Super cool!!! How awesome that we can actually see what another planet looks like? The future is so amazing :)

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