Saturday, May 3, 2014

Downton Tabby Tea Party (Photo Heavy)

There is a not for profit organization in my city that helps with the stray populations. They do catch and release, adoption, fostering, feeding the stray communities... I feel like they do really good work, and ALL of the money goes towards helping the kitties!

If you are not familiar with the "catch and release" program, its really a great idea. Cats are territorial, so removing a stray cat from it's territory doesn't fix any problems, another cat will just fill in it's space. With this program, they capture the kitties, fix them accordingly, then put them back. This way, the cats that are out there are not breeding. This really helps control the population!
I discovered through Facebook that they host a "Downton Tabby Tea" (ha, I love puns!) event every year in a historical Victorian home. How fun is that? Immediately I asked my friend if she would be interested and she said yes! We bought VIP tickets (because, why not) and planned our outfits. 
bebe skirt, modcloth heels, h&m top and cardigan (and yes I'm wearing nylons, my legs get cold and are usually an unpleasant whitish blue color.)
I wanted to just wear whatever I had in my closet, and I almost succeeded. The only thing I didn't have were shoes. I didn't think a pair of beat up flats would be the best fit. I ordered these heels from ModCloth and they fit fantastic! I was afraid the toe box would be tight but it's actually pretty loose.
The home is actually someones home that actually lives there, so they offered their home for the tea that weekend. How awesome is that? The food was donated by Whole Foods, which was prepped and served by volunteers. I can't imagine trying to organize such an event! The home was GORGEOUS and the food and service was awesome. I would love to make this a yearly thing!
They had a raffle and silent auction set up. We bought some raffle tickets but we didn't win anything, sad face.
Since we were VIP, we were able to show up a bit early and be seated and explore the house before the other guests. Almost all the rooms were available to us (except for the kitchen of course).
These were the stairs leading to the second floor. Loved all the details! I think it is almost impossible for me to be serious all of the time.
Let's start with the attic. The stairs were VERY steep and there wasn't any guard rail so it was a bit more precarious going down than up. We understood why the attic was empty, getting anything up there would be a challenge!

The little turret room was so adorable! If this were my house I would make this into a reading nook for sure. What a view!
Second floor had the bedrooms and bathrooms. No claw footed bathtubs, I am disappoint. We messed about mainly in the odd little room down the hall and what seemed to be a master bedroom. We stay classy, always.
 After exploring it was time for our tea! We decided that if we were ever going to make our own tea party we would include more fruit and a mason jar salad.We felt that the plate, though yummy, was missing a "fresh" component.
Since we were VIP, we had unlimited champagne, but since my friend was driving she only had one glass. I think I had three, trying to drink my share!
I had a really great time and I wouldn't mind going again, maybe with some more people! I love that I was able to have fun and help out kitties at the same time. If I didn't have my little monster cat, I would so foster all the kittens that I could. Could you imagine having a house full of kittens???


  1. House full of kittens = Heaven

    I LOVE everything about your outfit!!! I never wear nylons, but I think it adds a level of grace and sophistication to an outfit; not always necessary to complete an outfit, but a classy touch nonetheless.

    This event totally makes me want to move out to California, just so I can attend next year! I'm sure Houston has things like this, but I never hear about them until too late, lol! And dig those VIP faces!

    It's my dream to own a Victorian house someday, but I'm not sure I could loan it out, even to such a good charity; I'd be weirded out by people wandering around my house. I'd worry someone would go through my underwear drawer or look in my medicine cabinet. I guess that's just the price you pay for have an awesome house.....

    1. I found out about the event from following a cat on facebook and they shared this event. It even sold out!

      I love Victorians but I know I don't have the fastidiousness to own one, too many nooks and crannies to keep clean! And letting a house full of strangers roam free around the house... I don't think I would be comfy with that! I didn't open any drawers though :)

  2. I love the pictures! I am so glad you invited me! You look totally adorable that day! Pretty fun day =)

    1. I'm just so glad you like doing things like this :) Thanks for doing the driving!