Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dinner Time: Nachos

This is a really cinchy dinner to put together, its mainly prep. And its super easy to modify to your specific tastes.

For my veggies I prepped tomatoes, olives, cilantro, lime, and avocado. I also made some pico do gallo, I will post my process for that next week, it's not really a "recipe" (though are any of my foods really???). My husband doesn't like pico de gallo because of the onions, so I also had regular salsa for him.
For the rest I just used the jar cheese that you find in the chip aisle and heated that in my fondue pot. I heated up a can of refried beans, and then cooked some hamburger meat with some taco seasoning. Viola! Of course I had to add sour cream as well :)

You could also heat up the chips a bit in the oven to prevent things from congealing too fast but I didn't feel like doing that this time. Also a trick that I haven't used yet, one of my friends keeps the dinner plates in the oven on low, so they are warm for the food. Need to keep this is mind for the winter.


  1. Taco-type foods are always a hit. I like the cilantro; never thought of adding that, though I don't know why? But hey, good ideas. :)

    1. I ♥♥♥♥ cilantro so much! I try to find reasons to use it all the time :)