Saturday, May 31, 2014

Caturday: Soya's Lion Cut

 She loves smelling the rosemary more than I do!
We got her this janky lions cut for two reasons:
we were tired of her getting foxtails caught in her fur
she was getting dehydrated so we figured this would help cool her down
 Silly Izze was not sure who this cat was!
 Oh hey...
Wait, you look different so therefore I don't know you.


  1. Cats are so weird! She totally looks like "You smell the same, but you got a new haircut so who the heck are you?"

    1. If Izze were a person, she would ride the short bus ;)
      We really were not expecting that reaction from her! I mean, Soya's face wasn't shaved, that was the same. She sounded the same. Smelled the same(ish, aside from vet smells). Toki didn't even care. She just wanted to take a nap in the carrier because she loves that thing.