Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Links 4-24-14

  • Single Photograph looks like Four Wow! I really like how they managed to do this with color and perspective. I'm still working on just getting my regular photos to look right.
  • Before and After Photos These are photos taken of pets when they were young and then when they were older. Love this so much! Too bad I never thought to do that of my turtle but the kid with the turtle has one EXACTLY like mine so that works!
  • Infographic of Happiness I don't know about the temperature that happiness is maxed out at, does that mean you don't get any happier if it's warmer outside? I call bunk on that. Its all about the breezy 70 degrees! So I guess if you need a happiness boost, eat a bowl of sliced bananas in milk and go for a walk :)
  • Culturally Unique Breakfast Of course the American one looks good to me :) I was surprised at how savory other meals are, or I guess if I think about it, why is the American breakfast usually so sweet? Another thought: looks like eggs are a common variable.
  • Would you Rather Sometimes it's an easy answer other times not so much! A little silly but I like comparing my answer to the popular vote.


  1. Interesting links...the breakfast one...I was like "man, Germany loves meat!" :) And some of them I was like "they know it's BREAKFAST, right?"

    1. I had the same thought! If it wasn't titled "breakfast" i wouldn't have been able to guess!