Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Links 4-10-14

  • One Way To Mars This is a little bit depressing :/ I wonder if these people would be able to handle the stress of being pioneers? Like, just having to eat awful food for two years can be demoralizing, and so far the type of food they have for space travel is less than ideal.
  • Perception of Time I love watching short videos of information :) The brain is always so fascinating!
  • The Science of Raising Happy Kids Another info-graphic :) I don't have children but I think this is still really great information! Also it's a way to reflect on your own childhood and your parents and see where/how you formed some of your habits. Not everything is genetic!
  • Sleep Shorts How sweet looking are these? Stripes!
  • Corey Feldman's Duh Video Um. I don't know what I just watched.


  1. Wait a Corey Feldman actually married? (Yes, I focused on the important part of this post.) ;)

    1. haha, that video is really... something. i can't imagine being married to him, he is so weird!