Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014

Sometimes I feel like I'm some kind of weird super hero villain, the "anti-plant lady", since i have gotten rid of so much flora in my backyard. But I really love plants! Honest. 

My friends had some extra flowers from their gardening exploits and gave me some. This inspired me to get a few more plants so that I could tidy up the yard and get it ready for summer. I bought some zucchini, rosemary and a blue giant succulent. I discovered some tomato plants that had sprouted from an old tomato from last year. Those were short lived though because my babykat ate the big one and the smaller one shriveled up. Le Sad.
I was thinking of getting some hanging plants too, but I already spent more than I was planning. Maybe next year. I'm really happy with the rosemary, I'm hoping it will be happy too and get ridiculously large.
My patio isn't going to win any covers of Better Homes and Garden but it is an improvement!


  1. Rosemary is looking good and strong. :)

    1. My flowers are already getting burnt from the sun, I need to move them, but everything else is doing well! One of the zucchini plants is doing REALLY well. So big already!