Saturday, March 1, 2014

Caturday: Pet Expo

I went to this awhile ago but I have been too lazy to go through the photos :) I was feeling too shy to be too overt about taking photos of peoples pets so I didn't get the greatest shots. Mostly I took photos of my friend's dog, Ikea. She is super cute so I'm okay with that :)
She was a bit hesitant at first.
She did really well on some of the obstacle courses, much better than some of the other puppies but she had the benefit of having two parents helping her out :)

I had a great time being around all these dog lovers! But there weren't just dogs there, there were a variety of creatures including some reptiles:
There was a booth that had offered discounted DNA testing so that you can figure out what breed your dog is. My friends took advantage of that and were very happy with the results. I forget exactly what she is, but the testing was able to figure out three of her grandparents I believe. 

I wish I thought to bring cash with me, there were a lot of shelters there looking for donations. The expo was free to get in, so it wouldn't have been unreasonable to bring some extra cash.

I so wanted to adopt all the dogs! Sometime in the future when I have more time for one. Also, I don't think my youngest cat is ready to give up any attention :)


  1. That yellow snake? All I see is that over-bite type jaw and how he looks like he's plotting to eat my face.

    Nervous animals make me sad, like when they shake. I want to cuddle them all and hug them and save them all.

    1. I find reptiles fasinating but I would never want a pet snake, especially that big!

      I have never been to a shelter before because I think I would break down in sobs and adopt all the animals :/ Once I'm ready for a dog, it will be a shelter dog but I'm not looking forward to the process. I'm going to feel so guilty for not picking all of them!