Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My sister's birthday 2014

My sister wanted to just hang out at my house for her birthday so I took the opportunity to do a little decorating :)
My little helper. Or should I say not very helpful helper more like hindrance anti-helper. She got so manic with all the dangly sparkly stuff I hung up!
 This was so awkward to put up! I definitely needed a decorating helper.
Wore my cute socks!
My friend Nancy made some very delicious sangria's. I wouldn't mind making these again. She said it would be a perfect use of a bad (flavored) bottle of wine.
My gift for my sister. All reds! It is suppose to be a cookie jar, but I think it works better as a candy jar :)
Toki just loves company! She was being super silly and didn't want to get out of the bags that I have for the supermarket.
Cake time!
So after cake... we made mason jar salads. Sometimes dessert just has to happen first.
I really liked how these came out. This was my first time putting a salad together this way. Well, Nancy was the one that assembled them. She put dressing first, then chopped chicken, mandarins, salad mix, and then the little crunchy bits. I'm going to have to get a bottle of the dressing, it was sesame something... Will have to ask her!


  1. Good stuff - the cat pics and cute decorations and dude, I kinda enjoyed how awkward the "Happy Birthday" sign was angled. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Cake!

    1. My parties aren't going to be on the cover of Martha Stewart, but they fit the company (and my abilities!) :)