Thursday, January 23, 2014

Video: Fluffy Hair

I am laughably trying to learn how to edit videos on YouTube. My cat Izze seems to think it is her duty to bother (biting, sitting in front of the monitor, crying... typical kitty stuff) me as much as she can through this process... she seems to have a sixth sense when I am on that site! They make it look real easy in their little how-to videos and I think it should be... But alas once I chose the music I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to change it! Oh well. I am done. My will to be creative and learn has fizzed out like my hair. Guess I will have to make more pointless videos to practice on :)
So. About the hair. It looks much better in video (lack of lighting helps), but in reality, it looks much frizzier and is actually really flat on the back; it just likes to poof out to the sides, serious triangle head. If I were to leave it down in that state, it would morph into various phases, not necessarily both sides cooperating. It may flatten, or get frizzier, or even form into curls. Who knows.

I was a bit leery to post another video, because the other gets watched so much in comparison to my other posts. As long as it's Katrina I'm ok with that :) It's just weird because it is an awful video and there isn't much to it. Same as this one! Yay for consistency :)


  1. This video made me laugh really hard - I am SO GLAD that I am not the only one who 1.) Has serious pyramid hair on a daily basis and therefore pulls it back all the time and 2.) Doesn't really know what she's doing with the youtube video editing thing.

    1. We are like kindred spirits!

      I feel an imaginary pressure to be geeky and techy, mostly because of growing up in silicon valley where everyone seems to be computer programmers from birth, but as I get older I feel less shame in it :)

      MY HAIR. UGH. One of my sisters use to tell me to just pull my hair into a ponytail, it's so easy. So one day I let her try (back when my hair was even crazier, it has calmed down). She tried for twenty minutes and told me that now she realized why I didn't do ponytails. She has super straight hair so she just didn't get it.

  2. I feel your pain! I'm not happy at all with my hair; it's super long, frizzes, and I can't figure out how to do anything with it. And with a baby it sometimes doesn't get brushed for a week or more; I just put that shizz in a bun and I'm done with it. I'm about to chop it all off into a pixie and figure it out as I go along.

    I'm definitely not brave enough to even attempt a YouTube video, though....yours are hilarious!

    1. I have been thinking of going super short too, but then I look like shirley temple sometimes, and it still comes with its own host of problems. My younger sister has straight, thin hair that looks super cute in a bob but she is trying to grow it out which I feel doesn't look that great. The length pulls on it and makes it look even more thin. I think no matter what kind of hair you have there are issues! There are few people with awesome hair. I just wish I had the know-how!

      I will probably make more videos, who knows of what, because they do make me laugh, so I'm glad others find them amusing as well!