Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Eve: 2013

I posted some photos on Instagram that night, but here are a few more that I took. My friends are so adorable! We had a blast playing the JustDance Xbox game.
I was so worried about getting a hangover that I drank a small cup of water after each shot of sake. Result: Barley buzzed at all. Whut. Lame Sauce.
My friend and I made a run to Taco Bell. Always a fantastic idea :)
I have yet to play rock band! My level would be ultra beginner and I know I would fail out so hard :/ Maybe next time!


  1. Sounds/looks like a perfect New Years Eve.

    1. My little brother ended up getting really drunk and passed out in the bathroom before midnight. It was a bit of a relief because he is a very hyper drunk!

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