Monday, January 13, 2014

I must be cranky today.

One of my personality faults is that I get annoyed easily. And when I am sick or PMSing, this becomes amplified. Being annoyed is like having an itch you can't scratch. Most of the time I don't let myself stay annoyed for very long, i'll permit myself an inner-eye-roll-sigh-combination and move on. But other days, like today, when I can tell that i'm just cranky with NO annoyances, I know it's not going to be a great day in my head.

So it just happens that all the little things that annoy me in my house were there just waiting for me today. How lovely. And I feel like such an ASS for even feeling annoyed by these things because the people that do them are people (it's people plural, it isn't just one person that I'm hating on right now) that I like and care for. I know I am not exempt from being annoying so I really try to keep it to myself because they are such little things. Also: usually the person doing the complaining ends up sounding like the ass-hat. I don't want to be that person. Be that as they may, here is the list because sometimes you just need to rant:

The flipping Keurig and the issues it creates:

  • Flashing blue light meaning: FILL ME. Why. WHY. Why is it so flippin hard to fill the canister with water. Why even wait for it to flash? You can see that the water reservoir is very low, so even if it isn't going to start flashing on your use, WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO YOU LEAVE IT FOR THE NEXT PERSON TO FILL EVERY FRICKIN TIME. And that person seems to be me. I only use this machine once or twice a week yet I fill it every Saturday. Thank you no thank you just FILL THE GOD DAMN THING. It's not even heavy when you fill it; it weighs about the same as a half gallon of milk.
  • So now I filled it with water, flip the lid up to put in my k-cup aaaaannnnddd...there is their old, used k-cup still sitting there. ARRRGGGHHH. Seriously? You were that frantic and excited to get your cup of coffee (okay, coffee is something to get excited about, but still) that you ignored the flashing light and also didn't think to throw your trash away? Awesome, sure, let me take care of that for you, I really don't mind. (Another personality flaw I have is being passive aggressive)

Downstairs bathroom:

  • I don't even use you that often. Seriously. It's all the way down the hall and shares a wall with my housemate. Why would I choose to use you? I go in there MAYBE once a week. Maybe. YET: how is it that invariably I have to put the toilet paper roll on it's holder? A new roll is almost always resting on the TOP of the old roll. WHYYYYYYYYY. I have left it this way before, and everyone will use it until it is empty without putting it on the roller. Ugh. I hate everyone.
  • Door: there is a magnetic catch on the wall behind the door that the door adheres to when you push it all the way back. I like to keep this bathroom door open this way for two reasons: so there are no guesses if there is someone in there or not, you know just by looking, and so my cats don't accidentally lock themselves in there with a loose door. So this morning, I look down the hall and... the door is open, but only halfway so it is not attached to the magnet. And this happens OFTEN. Why why why??? Just six more inches and it's where it is suppose to be guys!
  • Toilet seats: And I'm not just talking about one, I am talking about both. The proper not-being-used position for the lids are for BOTH TO BE DOWN.  Do you leave your car door wide open when you leave it? Do you leave the refrigerator door open after you grabbed what you needed? No? Then why do you think the lids (door) of the toilet needs to be wide open? This is not just an aesthetic purpose, but also a cleanliness factor. After you do your business, fine look at it (you are suppose to look to keep an eye an your health and hydration levels) but then close everything up and THEN FLUSH. Not before. This lets me know that when you flushed, a plume of bacteria was not shooting up and coating everything in the bathroom.

Okay. I'm done. This ended up a lot longer than I thought it was going to be... I do feel better though :)

The photos I used for this post were seven years ago; that is my husbands old apartment with his futon mattress on the floor that my sister would call his "rug", but they fit so perfectly! I was trying to find one with me having an annoyed face, which wasn't very easy surprisingly enough!


  1. There's nothing like a good rant to feel better! It's funny how some small things can make you so crazy (and we all have our list of small things that make us bat shit crazy, don't we?!?). I'm right there with you on the toilet seat and lid. Both down!!! I have a cat that wants to drink from the toilet and runs into the bathroom to watch the toilet flush, so an open toilet is disaster waiting to happen. Not to mention the fact that I have an almost walking baby who really wants to use the toilet as a bongo drum and I'm sure would love to splash in the water if left alone for even a moment (kids are stupid fast for being so uncoordinated).

    Although I must admit that in my house I'm more of the one who does the stupid annoying things. The bathroom door being not quite open enough....I could totally see myself doing that repeatedly....even if I knew it needed to be touching the magnet. Why? I don't know. I'm not that lazy and pushing the door open should be an automatic thing, but I'm sure I'd be doing the same thing as your housemates.....weird, isn't it?

    1. I was very tentative to even write this out because I am not free from being annoying! One thing that I do is not turn off lights! My husband is constantly having to remind me to do this. He always ask me how hard is it to turn the light off when you leave a room??? I've gotten better when we leave for work but weekends I still suck at it.

  2. This gave me a good chuckle and was also quite true. Random note: one of my cats pooped in the litter box, which is in the bathroom, about 45 minutes ago and no matter what or how much I spray, I can still smell that toxic poo stank like "what the hell did you eat - a pile of eggs?" and it's actually both giving me a headache and making me nauseous and THAT is annoying me.

    1. Stinky kitty potties is something that my husband finds very annoying! I don't understand why it is so stinky sometimes.... though usually the smell is because one of the cats has a little butt nugget that gets smooshed onto my husband, so i'm sure that is why he gets so annoyed :D