Monday, December 16, 2013

Wonderful Winter Wedding

If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw a few of these. I drank a LITTLE (okay, a lot) more than I was planning. Usually I dance around enough to burn it off but I sat for too long :/ 

I wore the wrong kind of dress which made me feel very awkward. The rest of the crowd is more middle aged, family types, and I was dressed... too sexy. Everyone had on lovely, conservative dresses, with beautiful accessories. I had on a bandage dress that was showing a bit too much cleavage. So I kept my sweater on at least, to cover up a bit more! I am not THAT much younger than this crowd but I swear to goodness I can't stop acting/feeling like I am some stupid 21 year old around them. 

Here is a list of things that makes me feel "off" around them:
  • Most went to private schools... I went to public school in the lowest performing/funded district of my city. So you know, the teachers were just grateful that you bothered to show up. My high school even has its own daycare on campus. You know, for the children of the students.
  • All have a Bachelors if not Masters if not DOCTORATE degree... I have maybe an Associates. That took me like six years, and I have kind of stopped going. That's another story for another time. Maybe.
  • All have careers, some even of their own entrepreneurship (private school teachers, lawyers, graphic design/film, etc)... I work a entry level job a trained monkey could do.
  • Most have children, who go to private school... I have cats. That are fat and bratty.
  • They are charming, outgoing, clever, highly intelligent... My brain hates me and shuts down and I seem to only be able to coherently talk about my turtle. And by coherently I mean: "I like turtles." This kid is me, like, ALL OF THE TIME:
Trust me, if I come across as slightly interesting online through this blog, I promise you I am not like this in person!!!

Okay, let's get back to the wedding!
I actually took time to do my hair and makeup to the best of my abilities! And I put in contacts!
I air dried my hair, letting it be curly, de-frizzed it the best I could, then put it in a side bun. I secured it with those twisty bobby pin things, and some flower clips I bought at H&M.
I prefer to make faces than try to look cute/nice when I am taking photos of myself :)
 The wedding was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I just couldn't get enough of the colors and theme. The brides dress even coordinated with the decor!!! Loved every detail. I know how much work goes into a wedding and this was just on point. It was lovely when it was still light out, but once it was dark outside, the place was just STUNNING.
Plus how can you go wrong when you have macarons for dessert?
That is the bride (the one in the gold dress no jacket) having a good time!
My reaction to my husband saying he was going to take away my phone if I didn't stop taking photos of myself. Love the photo bomb by our friend Dave! So I tried to take some other photos :)
If I am taking your photo, you must be prepared to make faces/be silly!
That is the wedding couple to the very right in both photos, the best I could manage :/
Jordan is just too cute with kids! He is so natural with them. They were dance/fighting with the place holders.
Can we say drunk much? Don't invite me to your wedding, I will embarrass you!


  1. "What do you think?"
    "I like turtles."
    Awesome. Cracked me up!

    1. It's one of my favorite clips :) My husband and I use that line a lot now whenever we (or someone else) is being really dense or off topic.