Monday, December 23, 2013

Some words I don't like

Here is a list of words that I don't care for much. I can't say that I HATE them, that is too strong. But dislike? Yes.

Album: This is awkward for my mouth. I want to pronounce it "albulm."

Teetotaler: In my brain this sounds like the opposite of what it actually means. I envision a seesaw, which seems more appropriate for a drunk person.

Macabre: This sounds like a type of bird or fish. This word also just sounds very silly and doesn't seem fitting for describing something horrifying or grim.

Sherbet: Almost everyone I know pronounces it "sherbeRt" which sounds better than sherbet. My husband and I were trying to figure out the real pronunciation and thought maybe the t was silent like in sorbet, but no. It isn't. It isn't french, it's Arabic. Which you wouldn't associate with a frozen dessert. Or at least, I don't.

How about you, any words you don't like for any reason: spelling/pronunciation/perceived meaning?


  1. So I was delighted by this post! I went to and apparently both spellings "sherbeRt" and "sherbet" are acceptable as they are both listed and give the same definition. Then I went to and checked the pronunciation on both spellings and they both came the same, with the "R" included. So...interesting tidbit of info. :)

    1. Oh good to know! We looked into the sherbert/sherbet thing from watching the show Chopped and they pronounced it with the one R so we were curious. Didn't bother to look up if the two R's was still okay!

      *I also learned how to say "crudites" (something like croo-da-tays) and it's not what I thought. Learning words from just reading them is not always so great!

    2. Yes, I was surprised when I learned about the "croo-da-tays". Also: prosciutto? WTH?

  2. You mean it's not pronounced "crud-ites"....I feel dumb now....

    Also, I hate, hate HATE the word moist *shudder*

    1. I had been saying "crud-ites" too :/ ... Hey, mispronouncing words because you learned them from reading and not from hearing them is nothing to feel dumb about! At least we knew about the word, right???

      And "moist" is def a word with that yuck factor!