Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Baked Shrimp Scampi

So I took some shrimp out in the morning with no real plans for it. Usually I will try to find something during the day at work but I totally blanked on the task.

I typed in "baked shrimp" and this recipe came up first. I quickly looked over the ingredient list and it looked like I had all if not most of the items.

It's a little ridiculous that I made this just for me (it suppose to be more for a party)... but i'm okay with that.

My changes:
1/2 the recipe
No parsley
No lemon: used lime juice---> NOT a great substitution, stick with lemon if you got it!
so no zest either
or hot pepper flakes
I didn't butterfly the shrimp either: too lazy! Plus they were still a little bit frozen. Butterflying the shrimp would be best because they make little plates for the yummy topping. 

I will be making this again, but with the lemon and parsley, and I will butterfly the shrimp. How can you go wrong with garlic and shrimp?

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