Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Handbag!

I bought myself a new handbag! I love my Tokidoki ones, but the one I've been using is getting really sad looking. I decided that I needed a more plain looking bag, sometimes I don't always want to look bright and cartoony! I still have other Tokidoki handbags that still look pretty decent if I want to go back to color land :)

I was looking for either a black or brown, medium sized bag. This one had a nice rounded shape, and a pretty firm structure. The handles are long enough to wear on my shoulder, or I can add the longer strap.

Stuff I do to my handbags to prolong use:
  • spray it with Scotch Guard to protect the fabric (I always forget about reapplying it, after six months or so...)
  • put a piece of cardboard on the bottom so it doesn't bulge out. I think they make actual purse shapers, but cardboard is free :)
  • have purses for different seasons, to give them a break
I don't really care about brands that much (I wouldn't mind a Kate Spade, but that is way out of my budget!), but I wanted one that would last a while. I hope this one does! I was able to get it 40% off with free shipping, so yay me. This way I won't feel so (very) bad if it doesn't last as long as I would like it to.

The logo print is not ideal, but I feel that it is fairly muted, so it's not too annoying. I prefer clothing and accessories that keep the brand more concealed.

And this link made me laugh about who chooses satchels... 

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