Monday, December 30, 2013

Mark Comedy Special 1988

I remember my parents watching him and I was excited thinking it was going to be like Lawrence Welk (yes, "excited" and "Lawrence Welk" in the same sentence), and then deeply disappointed that it was very boring and I didn't understand what was so funny. It had my parents in stitches though. I would have been about six or seven when this special came out. 

I know that in some households, the children dictate what is watched, but we were limited when we were allowed to watch TV and what we watched. In the evenings, it was my parents choice (well, my moms) and no arguments!

And yes, we watched Lawrence Welk every Sunday on PBS (I think it came on at seven?), it was one of the highlights of my weekend. My little brother would do his cute little dances in his footed pajamas, and sometimes my mom would pop popcorn. If that happened we had to open all the windows because my dad is allergic. That's right. ALLERGIC TO EVEN THE SCENT OF POPCORN. So we didn't have that too often.

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