Saturday, December 21, 2013

Caturday: Izze Loving A Sock

Found this video on my laptop that my husband took of our baby-kat getting it on with a sock. My husband likes to clean the whites with bleach and she just OBSESSES over bleach. I don't use bleach when I do the laundry but my husband does. Only two of my cats really love the scent of bleach, so I have learned not to use it when cleaning the bathroom. Can't be healthy for them to rub themselves all over it!


  1. :) Cats are so weird!
    Mine are obsessed with anything mentholated. Vicks, Bengay...Blistex....they are constantly trying to lick it. Freaks.

    1. I'm glad my cats are not into anything menthol! I can cut out bleach but not my blistex. My Soya likes the smell of strawberries; if I have the scent on my hands, she will use her little itty bitty back teeth and gnaw on my finger.