Thursday, December 19, 2013

Here are some links to some things that have been amusing me

This photo has nothing to do with the post. I just like it. I think I have probably used this photo before...

I have become addicted to StumbleUpon again! MUST SEE ALL THE INTERNETS. Here are a few things that I have come across that I found really amusing:

  • Story of Whole Foods (I think any one who has shopped there can relate!)
  • I love Gordon Ramsey, and I love the muppets; so this is pretty much perfect.
  • Awesome Tumblr (check me out checking out the Tumblrs) This makes me glad that I don't have kids! Parents need so much patience!
  • Not from Stumble but from Drunk History: The phrase: "That's the angle of that dangle." Say it, it's so funny.
  • Cinemagraphs! My favorite ones are of the women with just the hair moving.
  • This Swimsuit is hilarious. Would I wear it? I wish I would!!!