Thursday, December 5, 2013

Finished Kitchen

Yes, I swear this is the same house!!! I can finally say that a room in the house is FINISHED. 


It's taken 2.5 years but we got there! Happy dance :) Now we can focus on another room! Though I think the back fence will be the next project. That is going to be about four thousand dollars so we have... four thousand more dollars to save up. But let's focus on the kitchen!
Seriously. What kind of kitchen is this? And what is with the BLUE? I stole this picture from online, the photo I took of course is a selfie:
I didn't get to take as many photos in the early stages as I wanted because we were still renting an apartment the first month of the remodeling.
The only thing I liked was the rounded archway, but it wouldn't work with the new design so that had to go. SO MUCH BLUE. Ugh. We wanted a more open floor plan, everything felt so closed in.
 What possessed them to make the beam an accent color??? 
 Alright, walls torn down! Carpet removed! Found out that the ceiling needed more support...
 We took a portion of the walk in closet from the downstairs bedroom to make the kitchen a little bit bigger.
 A pillar was added to the design to hide the support beam. At first I didn't really like it, but it has grown on me.
 Cabinets in! You have no idea the long, terrible process that it was to pick the cabinets, color, door design, counter material, counter color, tile, tile color, tile design... I cried in the middle of Lowe's, just saying. I know, I know: First World Problems. In my defense, I was also going to school, working full time, planning a wedding, dealing with a self centered/jealous maid of honor (she wanted to wear SNEAKERS for the CEREMONY!), and other emotional drama, so I had a lot on my plate, not just the remodel. I feel like I need to explain because I am not usually a weirdo basket case :) And I wish I could say that was my only emotional breakdown that year, but it wasn't. At least I know what my stress limit is now!

So back to the kitchen: 
I didn't know what I wanted or what would look good! It was too much pressure to have everything coordinate and something I would want to live with for a long time. What if what I like is ugly??? Which I know is true because I am attracted to tacky things, which is amusing for short term not so much for long term.

I am also not good at just visualizing things in my mind, I have to see it physically together. So I went very neutral on some items. I figured I could add color and pizzazz with the accessories.
It's my engagement fridge! Our first appliance :) I didn't want an engagement ring, I asked for a refrigerator instead. Is that weird?

After seeing the doors on the cabinets installed, I decided not to install handles. I liked how clean, and streamlined everything looked.
 2.5 years later and still no oven!
 Small appliances taking up precious counter space!
 Ah, much better!
My wonderful oven! The one on top is the microwave. I love it so much!
I feel like the kitchen looks REALLY good in photos, better than real life. The cabinets are the cheap-o ones, so they scratch and mar easily. In the photos you don't see all the dings and dust and cat hair. I really do try to keep with up the fur but it's so hard!
 I also had to pick a sink and faucet. I was looking at the divided sinks at first, but I realized that I didn't really need two small sinks. I am really glad that I went that route. Easier to do dishes! For the faucet, I wanted only one handle, something not grooved. My thinking on everything was that I want things that are easy to clean.
 There are some nifty storage solutions in my kitchen. 
 I know that keeping the spices next to the dishwasher isn't ideal (heat=bad) but I think my spices are doing okay. I just love the little hide-away drawer for them!
My pots and pans utilize the weird back corner of the cabinet. The fixture they installed glides real smooth and is very sturdy.
 My pantry is not that pretty or organized! Working on that still.
The top one is for my housemate and the bottom two are for me and my husband. I love that they roll out! No lost food in the back.
 Here is my color and pizzazz :)
So this is my kitchen! I think it turned out pretty nice :) If I'm honest, my husband finally stepped in and helped a little in the decision process after he saw how stressed I was getting. He wanted me to be able to choose everything. That was a wonderful thought, but a nightmare for apathetic Heather. Suddenly I had to care about a lot of things! He is the one that picked the black, sparkly, granite top. I was leaning towards a light, mottled type one.

The other room that is going to need a major overhaul is the upstairs bathroom, but that will be WAY down the road. Once I finish with the accessories to the downstairs bathroom, I will be able to do a post on that room.

Yay, ugly house is getting less ugly!


  1. Holy monkeys! Your kitchen is freaking gorgeous! I do kinda love the pillar, I must say. Wow. I am having serious kitchen envy and want to put your kitchen on the cover of Room Magazine's Sexiest Kitchens of the Year.

    1. Aw, thanks! Right now it's the prettiest room of the house. We have no insulation or air conditioning, the back fence is falling down and being held up with two-by fours, there is no shower upstairs, and our bedroom has no closet. So, for right now, I'm just showing off the kitchen :)

      Most of the design of the kitchen should be credited to my husband and the contractor, I just picked out the stuff like the tile/pattern/color, cabinets/color/design, sink/color/shape, faucet type... my husband loves electronics so he picked out all of the appliances, including the garbage disposal. He is very proud of it, apparently it can chop up chicken bones.