Saturday, December 28, 2013

Caturday: Yellow Jacket

Okay, not about cats but it does involve CAT FOOD. So... it counts.

(Before the cold freeze) 

Every morning when I feed Outside Cats (their official group name, though also known as: Outside Kitties), an industrial little yellow jacket would be waiting as well. This made sense when it was sunny, but he was still coming on cold, foggy mornings. And it was just him, no friends! 

On the weekends I wouldn't clean up the dishes right away, I would let him make a few trips first. I figured he should be rewarded for being so punctual! And how could I, as an animal lover, show preferential treatment to just the kitties?

One morning Mister Yellow Jacket was taking a LOT of trips which was becoming frustrating for me because I wanted to get the dishes done. 

I started talking to him and telling him one more trip and that's it! If I leave the dishes out too long, it attracts the flies which also start to get inside the house. I try to be tolerant of most creatures, but flies buzzing around is the worst. I start picking up the dishes when my husband started giggling. 

Me: What?
Husband: When your wife starts negotiating with a yellow jacket... (makes a funny face)

I paused and realized that talking out loud to Mister Yellow Jacket was a bit weird. But I'm okay with that.

Yes, my husband and I do say "I'm okay with that" a LOT. It is one of his phrases that I have picked up. Apparently I'm okay with a great deal of things :)

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