Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rock and Roll Mini Marathon (Five Miles) 2013

 My friend Nancy has been doing some cool marathons and wanted me to join her for the Rock and Roll Mini Marathon. It was *only* about five miles so I happily agreed. The half marathon was about 12 miles so five seemed like a deal :)
  It was the largest crowd so far, about 16000 people came to run!

It really didn't seem to be that bad exercise-wise, and we got to walk about downtown San Jose and look at all the interesting homes. A lot of people were outside their homes cheering the runners on, so that was pretty cool. Some people were actually playing live music. One family was doing some jazz, and another guy was playing his electric guitar while his mom recorded everything with her iPad. 
Apparently everyone who finishes gets a medal! I wasn't expecting that. I thought only the half marathon people got one. My first medal! Woot.
I was also not expecting so much stuff after the race! People just kept handing me free stuff. Should have brought a bag of some kind! Most of it was pretty yummy... 
UGH NEVER AGAIN. My husband laughed at me because of course I had never eaten one before, I'm not an athlete! He said his dad use to buy him the peanut butter ones when he was in basketball and thought those were okay. I had a vanilla one. It had the taste and texture of clay but if I was given a choice of eating clay or the bar, I would eat the clay.
We also got free beer! Nancy says that classy people drink beer after marathons. This is my classy face:
She went to find a bag for our stuff and came back not with a bag, BUT MORE STUFF. Fail Nancy, fail.

So the next day... SO SORE. I did absolutely nothing to prepare and my body was letting me know! The two winners of the half marathon did it with an average of five minutes per mile for TWELVE MILES. Holy cow that is impressive! My friend and I averaged about 16 minutes per mile, which is a good pace I think for power walking. 
I had a lot of fun though, and I think I would do it again. Just more prep!


  1. I really want to start running. Free stuff at the end of a race sounds like pretty good motivation to me.

    The first time I visited NYC, it randomly happened to be the weekend of their marathon. I spectated and happened to see the winner run, no, sprint by. He finished in like a little over 2 hours. That means he kept up a pace of 13 MPH for 26.2 miles. I think we can all agree, that's superhuman.....

    1. WOW, serious runners are serious! I don't think I would ever try to do anything more than five miles, I would just work on conditioning my body better. Like at all :) I was really sore the next day! I over estimated my fitness level.