Thursday, November 21, 2013

Renaissance Faire 2013 (Photo Heavy!)

Gorgeous day out. We went the last weekend of the fair, the theme for that weekend was "fairies". Apparently each weekend has a different theme so people come in corresponding costumes.
She totally posed for me! Nice :)
My friend Nancy dressed up as a Gypsy, too cute!
 Is it creepy that I was taking pictures of peoples costumes for inspiration?
 Ha! He dressed up his chair as a horse!
My friend Bob was really good at this! They gave him a token to come back later to compete with other people that were able to get most of their spears in the hay, but we weren't planning on staying that late.
Hmm, no contest for what I was going to eat!
 Wait, got distracted by this awesome bird.
 Okay, now back to my pork chop ON A STICK. (Irony intended of juxtaposing parrot photo with pork chop photo. I love animals, but I'm also a carnivore.)
 Meat party!
This comedian was really great, we missed the first part of the show but he was super hilarious. I wish I had more ones cause I was only able to donate a few dollars at the end. Loved his sarcasm!
These parasols were so pretty!
We decided to race turtles  even though I'm very conflicted about using animals for sport. They clanged the bell and sprayed them with water to make them move :/ So it made me sad. I picked number six.
My friend Nancy spotted this and of course I had to get some photos next to it.
Who totally got a flower from a knight? This girl! They use rescued horses for their shows so of course we had to donate some money afterwards. Plus they put on a really entertaining show. We loved cheering for our guy and booing the others!
Look at that crowd!
She was trying on hats and this one was just super silly with the large tassels on either side!
Of course we had to get a photo under this sign, who could resist?
I had an awesome time and really hope to make it again next year. My friends want to try to make it on the Octoberfest weekend. Sounds good to me!


  1. Looks like so much fun!!! I loved the photos with the "C is for..." - and how was the pork chop on a stick? If I ever have the chance, I am so getting one of those.

    1. Michigan has a renaissance festival.....

    2. The pork chop on a stick was amazing, this had some kind of bbq sauce on it. Very messy, luckily my friend brought wet wipes! I would def get one again.


    *deep breath*

    Okay, I think I've calmed myself down a bit. I've been working at renaissance festivals for the past 15 or so years and they hold a dear place in my heart. My husband and I met at one outside of Dallas, and he owns 2 booths at the Texas Renaissance Festival (which we are currently spending all of our weekends at).

    That porkchop on a stick is crazy! It's as big as your head! And your costume is awesome. It's hard not to have a good time at a renaissance festival.

    1. I haven't been to one in over ten years, I forgot how much I love them! I had a really great time and I hope to go again next year for sure.

      Having a booth has to be fun too! I'm not outgoing enough to have one, but the culture of the fair must be so interesting to work behind the scenes!

      And I ate the whole chop... I didn't think to share with my friends till after I ate it :/ I'm so greedy!

  3. looks like a fun day! and you look great :D

    1. I had a blast! My friends are awesome and join in the silly so that helps :)