Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No good day.

Some days are just not destined to be good days.
Here is one of mine. Not horrible, but not great either.

Started off the day woken up at four thirty in the morning by the fire alarm letting us know the batteries were low. Apparently the new ones TALK to you. In my hazy sleep brain I couldn't discern what was going on, just an unknown voice upstairs and I panicked. What does panicked Heather do? Nothing. That's right. Absolutely nothing. Even my babykat got up and went to the hallway to investigate.

My husband roused himself and asked aloud "What is that?", and I didn't reply. By this time I realized it was the alarm and was going back to sleep. Crisis averted and I knew Neil would get up and fix it. Sleepy time. Except not. Cause then my brain decided to go over how lame I behaved. And remember that story of the lady who woke up with an intruder in the room and was trying to wake her husband but unbeknownst to her he was dead already because the intruder shot him which is what woke her up. Then she was raped. You know, lovely little bedtime story. (*EDIT* I did not stay in bed after I realized what the noise was because I was scared, I stayed in bed because I am a lazy shit. The thoughts kept me from going back to sleep not because they were scary, but because it made me think what could happen to me because I am a lazy shit. So I couldn't sleep because I was cringing at how awful I reacted to the situation.)

So of course I don't get back to sleep at all. So now I get to start the day not so rested.

In the morning my husband is a little annoyed with my behavior: that I didn't even try to wake him up. He said that what I did was literally the very least that I could do and maybe in the future I should at least try to wake him. I whole-heartedly agree! Seriously, what if it was an intruder??? I'm just going to lay there and try to go back to sleep??? Ugh. I am the worst. So now I am going to at least keep my cellphone upstairs (we both keep ours downstairs), and I will wake him.

Then I get a message on my phone from one of my sisters accusing me of starting some sort of drama or another. Ugh. She later retracts her statement much later in the day saying she didn't have all the facts. Seriously. Thanks for starting my day with another headache.

I "break" an industrial stapler at work and everyone turns around to stare at me as I turn red and try to fix it. Like a piece of it shot across the room and skidded on the floor. Everyone works in silence in this department so it was a very loud noise. This other girl tries to be helpful and is trying to coach me on how to use the stapler. I know how to use it! It just weirdly broke on me! Stop helping me I got this! Face stop being red. EVERYONE STOP LOOKING AT ME!!! My face turned very VERY red and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I stapled the rest of my paperwork and walked very briskly back to my department where I could be alone with no one staring at me.

(Have I mentioned how red my face gets? Like all of the time??? Even when I'm not embarrassed... And once I realize my face is getting red, it gets more red as I try to keep it from getting redder. It's the worst.)
I go to use the bathroom and as I sit down my button pops off my jeans and bounces to the other wall. Great. Fantastic. The bathroom is just a huge room with a toilet and sink, more of a size of a handicap bathroom, but I little bit bigger. 

I think I might have said "Seriously???" out loud which is embarrassing cause someone was waiting outside to use the restroom after me. She kind of gave me a funny look. Maybe I was imagining it. I really don't know at this point.

Too much for this awkward girl to handle in one day.

So not a really horrible day but definitely not great!

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