Monday, November 18, 2013

2009 Life List

So I was going through an old email address and trying to clean it up a bit. I found this list in draft form from 2009 before I ever started a blog, before I was married, before I bought a home. Some of it makes me giggle and I don't think I would still keep if I were to make a new list. I will have to make an updated/current one! I highlighted the ones that I have done so far.

2009 Life List
  1. ride in limo
  2. visit New York
  3. visit Japan
  4. visit England
  5. visit New Zealand
  6. visit Disney world
  7. visit Paris
  8. go on a cruise
  9. get an associates degree
  10. own a home
  11. get married
  12. write a family recipe book
  13. read top 100 classic books
  14. celebrate my 25th anniversary
  15. celebrate my 50th anniversary
  16. make a (good) pie
  17. start a roth ira
  18. start a traditional ira
  19. visit Las Vegas and stay in a luxury hotel
  20. find the perfect black leather jacket (not sure if it's "perfect" but I really like it, and it isn't leather but is faux leather...)
  21. define my personal style
  22. donate books
  23. jog one mile a day
  24. buy and read all the books on my "to buy" list
  25. get a puppy (English bulldog?)
  26. start and upkeep a blog
  27. buy a beautiful bedroom set
  28. host a "fondue fling"
  29. host a "potato bar"
  30. host a "burritos and margaritas" party
  31. host a true blood finale party
  32. host a Dexter finale party
  33. host a costumed Halloween party
  34. pick a charity and be involved with it
  35. eat at the chef counter at the Napa Rose
  36. go to the mustard festival in Napa
  37. go to the strawberry festival in Watson
  38. go to the asparagus festival in Stockton
  39. go to the chocolate festival in Santa Cruz
  40. be a host family for an international visitor
  41. pick a cook book and make every recipe
  42. watch American Film Institute's top 50 classic films (or top imbd?)
  43. learn to take better photos
  44. write and illustrate a children's book
  45. make a creme brulee
  46. own a Burberry coat

9/46...that isn't great... Need to make a list that is more varied in accessible level! Maybe I will make a list organized by short/medium/long term goals.

Some I don't know if I will ever get done though. Dexter is over, so no finale party for that show! Sad face. 

I am going to count Oktoberfest as my "fondue fling" party, and my X-mas party from last year as my burrito party since I did serve burritos.

Run one mile a day??? I don't know about that one. Maybe I should change this to a week :D


  1. I love it! I can't wait to do some of these things with you!

    1. I'm hoping we will be able to travel together eventually! You know, once we aren't living check to check :)

  2. I think that's a great list!!! I just came up with a 101 things in1001 days list that I doubt I'll actually finish (mostly due to financial constraints), but making the list was great, and I also think even just trying to do the things on the list will be enriching and motivating. I kinda want to steal some of what's on your list......

    1. I agree with the about the part of just making the list makes you want to go out and do new things! I am working on a more current list that will hopefully include more things. So much stuff to do out there! Money is kind of key to do a few things though...