Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bentos: September

leftover steak :: leftover rice heated up with garlic and butter :: broccoli :: hard boiled egg :: cheese :: smoothie
(there is BBQ sauce in the panda head thing)

So these are the rest of the lunches for September that I took a photo of. I need to work on incorporating more color! I think I'm doing okay on the veggies part, though I think I should try to include more. It's kind of interesting to see all of my food in one spot, I think I will really try to make this a thing.
leftover Greek meatballs and tzatiki sauce :: cucumbers with lemon wedges
shrimp and lime salad :: brie cheese :: celery sticks

I read an article that children fed a combination of cheese and vegetables felt more satisfied and full than children fed chips. They were allowed to eat as much of the snack as they wanted, but the cheese plus vegetable crowd ended up eating less calories than the chip group. Interesting! Not that I'm trying to limit my calories, but I do like to find snacks that are more filling. It seems that a combo works best for snacking, like peanut butter and apples. I think you have to satisfy your want of taste and texture.
mixed green salad with feta :: leftover wings :: chia seed smoothie
spam and rice :: sliced tomatoes :: cheese :: pretzel fish


  1. Awesome! I've been needing some lunch inspiration, so glad I found you through the Better Blogging Network.


    1. This is a fairly new idea to my blog, so I hope I keep up! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Replies
    1. Some weeks I do really well, and then other weeks... I eat popcorn for dinner :)

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    1. I wish I needed it in more lunches, too much cute!

  4. Thanks for participating at Bento Blog Network. I have added you to our sidebar blog roll!