Monday, October 21, 2013

Steampunk Gear Garland

Here is the first sneak-peek to my Halloween party this year!
 Printed Scrap-booking Paper: Hobby Lobby
 You CANNOT do any types of crafts in my house without a cat coming to investigate.
 What? Are you trying to do something?
 Me trying to figure out the micro setting on my camera. I'm so accustomed to my point and shoot, it took me a (LONG) while to figure out what I was doing wrong. I do not have to put the camera smack dab all up on my subject! Hello, there is a zoom on the lens, silly.
I'm not going to lie, tracing and cutting out these little suckers was tedious and not great for my hand. I have been doing data entry for about seven years now and meticulous cutting is not something that is that comfortable any more! So I didn't end up making as many as I wanted to. I think I made a little over twenty. I tried to do a little each night so it wasn't so much but of course that didn't really happen. I'm so lazy! 


  1. Very cool. I know what you mean about meticulous cutting and other hand activities. There are times I skip computer activities all together for no other reason than my wrists and hands are so sore from work. But your project is cool.

    1. Luckily a friend of mine offered to cut out some more :) This way I can decorate a little bit more with the theme! Next year I think I will just do a regular halloween theme, so much easier!