Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Steampunk Tea Party

 This years theme was Steam-punk Tea Party. I had a lot of fun putting all the details together. This meant lots of time on the internet and we all know how much I love that :)
Tea Sandwiches
~Curry Chicken Salad
~Cucumber and Cream Cheese
~Roast Beef and Horseradish
Cookies and Dip
Veggies and Dip
Caramel Apple Bites
The table was to be the main event, so I wanted to spend the most time on that. Unfortunately we had people working on installing the oven (which they were not able to finish just yet, sad face) that day so I was unable to clean or decorate for the party until very late in the day! I was feeling very rushed to say the least. 

I wanted to add lace to the bottom and make little folds to give a more layered, bustled look. That didn't happen. I was barely getting into my costume when people started to arrive! Ugh. Not what I like at all. I was going to fuss with my hair a bit more but ran out of time.
Next time I am not making food: I'm just getting a taco-pack from TacoBell and putting out a big bowl of candy.
People's costumes were so great though! I wish I thought to take more pictures of the details. I was really off my "game", I'm easily distraught apparently. I was feeling very muddled in my brain from having to rush too much.
The Shanes had some awesome parts to their costumes:  arm brace, cigar cutter, pocket watch, goggles... Loved!
The only shot I have of me in my costume besides the reflection! My friends took some pics on their phones and if they turned out good I will try to remember to include them.
My friend Nancy was looking hecka cute, to borrow one of her expressions :) She always puts on her makeup so nice! She attached the gears to her vest with earrings which was just too creative. And again, I didn't take pictures! I fail. My other friend was absolutely adorable too, but she doesn't like being photographed so I try to respect that!

For the garage I went real simple and just strung up some battery operated string lights since it's pretty dark in there. Again, I didn't take a picture of that either. My garage isn't very photogenic anyways, so I'm okay with that.
We were playing Cards Against Humanity, which was absolutely hilarious. Great party game! Of course Toki had to come and hang out, she loves the garage. And with people in it??? She was over the moon with excitement.
We didn't end up playing rock band, apparently my husband was waiting for me to tell him to set it up and I was waiting for him to just set it up himself. We were lacking some music for the party! 

I had fun but I think it was not my most successful party. I need to plan a rock band/ fire pit/ drink the rest of my beer party soon! Lolz. Next time I hope to be better prepared, it appears that is essential for me.


  1. Cool...maybe you could share your recipe for the curry chicken salad in the future? It would be cool to see more pics of you in costume if you can. :)

    1. I might do a post on it sometime but it's really simple: just canned chicken (instead of tuna), dill pickles chopped small, mayo, and sweet curry powder to taste, I can't imagine that I use more than a teaspoon. My friends were on the fence about it, but I really like it.

  2. I know how hard it is to be frazzled and rushing to get things done for a party, but it looks like things turned out amazingly!!!! Well done :)

    1. I hate being frazzled! That is the perfect word for it, thanks :) My friends always make it a good time, so I never have to worry if I falter on my end with food or decor.