Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Halloween Photos

 Here are some photos I found in my closet from when I worked in a lingerie store. We all use to dress up for Halloween and hand out candy. It was a really kick-back day to work and I always wanted to work on Halloween. Just too much fun! I am a part of so many random photos for kids, the parents would have the kids pose with me every year. I wonder how many photo albums I'm in!
Sometimes I miss working retail, weird I know! After awhile your brain just remembers all the good fun times and not all the obnoxious costumers or hours.


  1. I think working retail is kind of like war. You have those mad terrorizing times, but you also have the crazy-awesome times and you bond through the hard stuff and you have like, these war buddies forever after.

    1. War is perfect! I feel like I'm romanticizing my time in the trenches now :D But I remember wanting out of retail so bad! I just need to go to a mall and cure myself.