Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Gummy bears are not essential to making curry, but they are nice to snack on while you wait for things to cook :)

My husband is not fond of curry so I usually only make this when he is out having dinner with other people. I like it because its super easy to make and super yummy! Your entire house will smell like curry though.

So this isn't really a recipe but a tip to how I make mine. I just follow the instructions on the box, so my recipe is not much of a deviation from that.

I usually make a vegetarian curry because I feel like the sauce is so flavorful, it's kind of a waste of meat. One day I think I will just make the sauce and freeze it in small portions so I can thaw it out and just eat it with rice or a baked potato.
This is my first time using this brand, but it was still very yummy.

Ingredients according to the back of the box:
Sauce Mix (they have Mild/Medium/Hot... I get the mild one of course)
Meat of your choice (I didn't use any meat this time)
Onion (I usually use white)

You can also just add whatever else you want, I'm sure celery and mushrooms and what not would be great additions.
Here is the basic process in photos:
So here is my tip for the potatoes:
Wash and poke holes in your potatoes.
Wrap the potatoes in damp* paper towels and nuke until soft.
I think I did about one and a half to two minutes per potato.
I do this because potatoes take forever to cook in the pan and I hate biting into underdone potato. Ugh.

Too be honest, I used too many potatoes. I know right, who would have thought? Next time I will only use four of this size.

 *Don't catch the paper towels on fire! Make sure they are not dry.


  1. That is a very interesting way to make curry! I actually peel my potatoes, but Robert and I have very different ways of prepping veggies. He doesn't peel carrots and he makes the onions, carrots, potatoes so small that you can have each in one spoonful of curry. I am quite strategical about it and cut each vegetable so that they finish cooking at the same time. We both like second day curry best! It's so tasty!

    1. Ha, there is really no method to my madness. So much nutrition in the skin, why would you get rid of it??? Sometimes I cut the potato small, sometimes big chunks, whatever my mood is. Onions always get a small cut.

    2. I think because we don't always have the same kind of potatoes. Its like one is red, one is white and one is brown. We are pretty silly =)

    3. Different potatoes have different textures, so it makes sense to cut them differently.

  2. So I loved the gummy bears sitting on your potatoes in the first pic. Then it was all cool how in the paper towel, they looked like they were all tucked in for bed.

    1. I bought a five pound bag of gummy bears, which is great and not so great. Great because I always have some fruity candy to munch on, and not great because I always have some fruity candy to munch on :)