Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Random Photos of Summer 2013

 Got to fill out a questionnaire about a film. I don't think I would want to be the person to have to decipher all of these!
It's embarrassing how often I match the colors of our shirts. It is totally my fault too, I pick both shirts. I swear I don't do it on purpose!
 Went to see Ghostbusters at the theater. Loved seeing it on the big screen... seeing a film on a Sunday afternoon not so much. The lady next to me was actually texting during the film! My husband had to tell her to put her phone away. Ugh, and the kids. We would pay extra to be guaranteed no children would be in the theater. I sound like an old lady.
Went to a comedy show with my husband and a friend. It was held at the Montalvo in Saratoga. The houses along the road! Holey freaking cow! They had to be multi-million dollar homes. This was my first time going here, so I was NOT wearing the right footwear. It was an outdoor concert, and on a hill, so the walk was steep and uphill. Not good for heels! it was an absolutely beuatiful location though. Brian Regan was very funny, and even when some of his jokes derailed, he kept it very entertaining. My husband said that his impromtu stuff was funnier than the scripted stuff. My jellybean loves this guy and does a pretty good impression.
Love this little guy in my husbands car!
Root-beer float with vodka and red-vine straw. You know, how you do.
 Anime night turned into lets drink all the random alcohol that we have acquired in the pantry that never gets used. These little sake bottles came with their own little cups. This may make you think this stuff is trying to bribe you to like it, but the sake was actually pretty good.
 My friends have allergies, hence all the medication to the left of the photo :) We drank sake, wine, absinthe, champagne and apple schnapps. Needless to say, we were all very drunk.
This mirror is haunting me! 
A bit of history: My dad's grandparents had a floral shop in Santa Cruz, and they bought a mirror like this to put in the front room so that they could see customers come in if there were in the back room. It's perfect because of the convex mirror. This mirror now hangs in my moms living room. It has been there my whole life and I never really gave it much thought, until my oldest sisters ex-husband pointed it out and questioned what was up with the 7-11 mirror. That did make me giggle, and look at it a bit differently.

A few months ago, I found a page in one of my magazines that had a room redecorated with THIS MIRROR as a focal point. Of course I ripped out the page and sent it to my mom. I had never seen another mirror like this so I was giddy.

Then, I go to this craft/flea market thing, and I find it again!!! So I go online to investigate. Apparently, this is called a Federal Eagle convex mirror, and the round balls represent the original thirteen colonies. The originals were made in the late 1800's, and reproductions were made in the 1930's-1960's. So not very unique after all!

Even though the official date of fall is yet to start, I feel that September marks the end of summer. I had a great time but I really need some cooler weather!

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