Monday, September 16, 2013

Little Sis joining JobCorp and my gift:

Haha, she would kill me if she even knew I took this photo! Luckily she doesn't read my blog. She is actually asleep in this pic, unbeknownst to me at first. I was telling her she could go downstairs, that my husbands poker buddies had gone, but she wasn't responding. I repeated myself... still nothing. I then realized she had fallen asleep with her hand and thumb in the exact position for texting! Of course I had to snap a pic :) So perfect because this is her default position no matter what. That girl loves her phone.

She is going to start JobCorp this year and I wanted to give her a little something to mark the occasion, hence the gift. Before starting the program, she was in need of a place to stay so I offered up my home. I thought it was just going to be a couple of weeks but it turned into three months. Oh well, it went by fairly quickly. I'm sure not quick enough for her! Or my husband :)

The program is for low income young adults. It provides job training, room and board, and counseling. I'm really not that familiar with the company, but it seems to be a trade school with extra benefits. I really hope this is going to be a great stepping stone for my sister and she will be able to be more independent afterwards. I think she is planning on staying with the program for at least a year.

Since the program is college-esque with the dorm situation, I decided to put together a toiletry/shower gift pack for her:

Stuff that was free or didn't cost me much money:
Body spray: Victoria Secret (One free)
Lotion: Bath and Body (Free)
Sobe Socks: Baseball Game (Free)
Lunch Tote: Sunset Expo (Free)
Other Socks: Target clearance (75 cents each pair)
Panties: Charlotte Russe (bought these a year ago, new with tags)
Perfume: Hollister (used only once or twice)

Other items:
Razor // Shaving Cream // Shampoo/Conditioner  // Babylips  //  Cotton Balls // Toner // Face Wash // Toothpaste // Mouthwash //  Deodorant // Tampons // Shower Caddy

Stuff I wish past Heather thought through before agreeing to let her live here:

Pro: She likes the same food-stuff.

Con: She likes the same food-stuff. She will consume all of your french vanilla k-cups and leave the ones that came in the variety pack that you don't like either.

Pro: She isn't a party girl.
Con: This means she will always be in the house on your couch.

Pro: She does what you ask.
Con: She only does what you ask. If it isn't on the list, she isn't doing it. Empty/dirty cat food dish on the floor? Too bad you didn't put it in the sink, so it's not going to get washed. Vacuuming does not also include emptying the canister, and  a full trash can will not be emptied.

Pro: Your kitties like her.
Con: So they follow her everywhere. Even the garage. Where one got locked into ALL DAY with no food or water or litter.

It really wasn't so very bad, just more of a inconvenience. She has some growing up to do (my husband said it was like living with a troll with how much noise she made with walking and slamming doors) to be more conscience of other people's sleeping schedules, so I hope she learns that at least for future roomies. I'm sure arrangements weren't exactly what she was expecting either. She was prolly thinking it was going to be like when she spends the night. Movies, going shopping, late night talks... Sorry but a permanent guest is different than short term! I have a job and a budget.

I really hope this JobCorp thing works out for her! This should be an exciting venture for her. And I may have felt really guilty and promised my husband that we could go to Disneyland for the 65th anniversary in two years. He has been a pretty good sport about this whole ordeal, so I feel I can make some compromises of my own.


  1. Poor kitties =/

    I am glad she is taking the first step to being independent =)

    1. It was poor Toki :/ She was mewing all day, I know it. Michelle had gone to work... My housemate came home and wondered why the other two were sleeping right next to the garage door so she opened it, and in rushed Toki. She didn't mew or sing for two days! She only peed on one thing, a plastic bag. She is such a good kitty! I didn't tell Neil cause he would have had a fit.

      I really REALLY hope this is going to be a great jumping off point for Michelle. Fingers crossed!