Monday, September 23, 2013

In my closet: Oldies

 I am pretty good at maintaining the quality of my clothes so a lot of them last me quite awhile. A few of the items are getting pretty old though! Some I keep only for sentimental reasons, and some I just keep wearing because they are in good condition and/or are still wearable. Does this stuff scream "1990's" or what?
So here are a list of the oldest items that I have:
Summer Dress (13 years): 
My sister bought this for me when we went to Hawaii the summer I was 18 (almost 19). Who knew that this cheap-o dress would last thirteen years? This has no sentimental value so I wear it during the summer when I don't have any roommates or guests around. It's a bit skimpy. 
Swim Suit (13 years): 
Purchased for the same Hawaii trip. My oldest sister knew a girl in Santa Cruz that made custom suits so we went over there for a fitting. It was a bit awkward cause I had to put on another pair of bottoms while she pinned them up, and then took pics of me wearing them so she could remember how it was suppose to look. I don't wear the suit any more, but I have to keep it. It was my first (and so far only) custom made anything!
Doc Martens (16 years):
I bought these in San Francisco in the summer of 1996 when I was fifteen going on 16. I no longer wear them, but I can't throw them out. These were pretty much the only shoes I wore for about three years.
Denim Shorts (17 years): 
These were purchased at Mervyns by my mom in the spring of 1996. I keep them mostly because of the size they say they are: 5/6. Meaning: size FIVE juniors, size SIX women's. That's right. The weird thing? They are about the same size as my size ZERO shorts now. Figure that one out. And yes I am still the same size I was at fifteen. 

These are seriously NOT cute. They are high waisted, so they fit awkwardly. Most things are big at my exact waist. And that zipper is so long!!! This fits my hips/butt just fine, but the waist and thigh are not great. This was before I really payed attention to fit!
Oy, and just look at that wide leg! My chicken legs do not need help in making them look scrawny.
L7 T-Shirt (23 years): 
This is so old you can barely tell what it's suppose to look like. Originally this was my brother in laws. Then it became my sister's (his wife), then my older brother, then my younger brother, and then some how I ended up with it. I use it as a pajama top. I've been tempted to look for a new one just because the graphic on the front makes me laugh. 

(Here is a more clear photo of what the tee shirt should look like)

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