Monday, September 2, 2013

Films Watched: Summer 2013

I ended up watching a lot of films this summer! A few times it was because we wanted to be where there was air conditioning; my house gets too hot! We need to get some insulation and air conditioning up in here. 

Not all of these were seen in theater, this is just a list of first time viewing for me. I also I hope I didn't give any spoilers in my brief reviews, I tried to just give my general feelings regarding the films.

Here is my list for June/July/August:
Seven Psychopaths
LOVED this film. Right up my alley, had me really laughing out loud. Dark comedies are just my genre. It has several conversations that were reminiscent of a Quinten Tarintino film, in my opinion anyways. I definitely want to watch this one a few more times.

Get the Gringo
"There is nothing worse than a sad clown. Unless it's a clown bleeding internally and coughing it all over your money." Okay, you have my attention! What a great way to start a film. Another line I really liked:
"It was like the worlds shittiest mall." There are some really great lines in this movie since a lot of it is delivered in a narration. A gritty and funny film; loved all the details in the sets.

Men in Black 3
Loved Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords). I didn't recognize him right away but my husband did. I depend on voices and accents to detect people so it's hard when they change that up and look way different. Bill Hader was great as always, perfect for the Andy Warhol character. Also: What a surprising bitter sweet ending to this film! 

This Is the End
Very silly, which was to be expected. Though Channing Tatum, really? Makes my heart sad, yo! If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. I'm not sure if this was worth seeing in theaters, but I enjoyed it.

Now You See Me
Fast paced, didn't get too weird with the plot. Entertaining, though wish they could have figured out a way to explain a few things with clues that clicked instead of a conversation at the end.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home
I would have listed this more of a drama than a comedy, maybe even a dramedy? Is that a word? It's not very heavy, but it was pretty touching.  I do feel that the mom's story line was a bit rushed, and maybe unneeded.

I like watching actors that typically do a specific genre, like in Jason Segel's case, comedy, and trying something else. It gives you a different side of them. I think he did well and I wouldn't mind watching this one again. I hope he continues to mix it up with what roles he takes in the future.

Monsters U
Aside from dealing with loud children (even though we chose a late night screening), I really enjoyed this one. It had me smiling and laughing out loud for a good portion of it. It's too bad they couldn't try for a bit more "scare" because I felt like a few of the scenes would have benefited from a few more "beats" before the delivery. That would be my only criticism though! Super cute all around.

Warm Bodies
A very cute and sweet film... even though it's about zombies :) My husband thought it was cute too. I had started reading the sample on my kindle a few weeks ago, so now I really want to finish the book. Love the concept of an Emo Zombie!

Pacific Rim
What can I say about this film...very silly? So many things didn't make sense! Too many back stories! I couldn't imagine seeing this in 3D, the action scenes were hard to discern. This is really not my type of film. I like action, but this... this was just not great.

 I have to admit I was not paying full attention to this one even though Jason Statham is a hottie. J-Lo... I have yet to see her act well. The ending was meh, a little heavy handed with the criminal with a heart of gold thing. I don't see myself watching this one again on purpose.

Eh, this film was okay. My husband is more familiar (as in I am not at all) with the comics so he was a little incensed because he felt there is already great story material to work with and they deviated too much. We both felt that the Viper character was too campy. I'm rarely a fan of romance in action films and this was no exception. 

Intense, emotionally griping film. The film encompassed a lot of tight, closely framed shots which helped create the really intense, emotional feel. I really liked the attention to detail in this. It's hard to make things and people look naturally dirty. Though I think they had the opposite problem with this movie. They filmed this in a garbage dump in Mexico but had to replace some of the garbage with fake garbage because all of the equipment was getting too filthy. 

Of course I have seen this film a million times over, but this was the first time in the theater! Loved it.

My husband and I were watching Conan and Harrison Ford was on talking about how he was going to be in Anchorman 2, and I told my husband that I hadn't even seen Anchorman 1 yet. Immediately he paused Conan and found Anchorman for us to watch. Will Ferrell was amazingly funny, I'm glad they decided to make a second one to this. After looking at the new cast, I'm super excited because those are some really funny people.

Rifftrax: Starship Troopers
I have only seen this film one other time and for good reason! My god this was horrible. Good job Rifftrax for making it fun! Saw this in theaters; I recommend checking out Rifftrax when they do their live feed. I think they have another one scheduled for October.

Juan of the Dead:
This zombie comedy (zomedy? Yeah, I'm totally going to make up movie genres, why not) takes place in Cuba. I am not that familiar with the politics and history of this place so I had to look up "Special Period" that was mentioned several times and some other things. The main characters were morally ambivalent which lead to some shocking and funny scenes. I guess I would call them a group of anti-heros? One of the smaller characters had the job title of "blogger" which I found to be an amusing detail since it had no bearing on the plot what-so-ever. Overall, this was very funny and I loved the different cultural take on a zombie film. 

Worlds End:
I enjoyed this, but I don't feel it was as great as the other two (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz). There were a few laugh out loud moments, but it fell a bit flat for me. Great action scenes, but I was hoping for a bit more pithy wit. That wonderful British humor didn't shine though as much and that made me sad. It was interesting to see Simon Pegg not playing the straight man though.

Kick-Ass 2:
Meh. Like seriously, this felt really, really long even though it wasn't. Had some very enjoyable fight scenes, such as the one with the van, but I could have honestly done without the whole "Mean Girls" subplot, even if that was in the book. I really wanted to like it too!

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