Saturday, September 7, 2013

Caturday: Fat Cat

My poor Soya is getting pretty hefty! I feel like she looks exceptionally large in this photo though. Or maybe I still see her as my little baby kitty, who knows :)

A few weeks ago Soya had jumped from the cat tree to the dining room table and barely made it. Her hind leg slipped under her and she landed very awkwardly. A little while later she started behaving very strangely and was acting like there was something wrong with her foot.

Of course I had my husband take us to the emergency vet! I was so worried.  I peeked at the scale to see how much she weighed and I was perplexed when I saw that she only weighed 7 point something. I figured eight pounds wasn't so bad. BUT the number I saw was kilograms not pounds. Soya actually weighed in at 15 pounds! She had been to this vet about two years before when she had the flu and she had gained three pounds in this time. That is a lot for such a small thing in two years!

They suggested that we take her to a regular vet to figure out how to get her to lose some weight. Apparently you have to be very careful with cats and their diet, if you cut down too quickly on their calorie intake, they can suffer liver failure.

We end up at the emergency vet for about three hours, but they didn't see anything wrong with her leg. They just strongly suggested for her to lose weight so that she doesn't hurt herself when she jumps down. They gave us some pain medicine just in case, but she was fine when we got home. A little traumatized from being at the vet, but physically fine.

My husband says we have to wait at least an hour next time to make sure there is something wrong before we freak out. My poor little baby though! She really acted like it was hurt.
In the meantime I am switching their dry food to a better quality. So much more expensive though! Sigh. I can get one huge bag of the other stuff for less than twelve, where this brand doesn't come in such a large bag, and it was priced at over 30! 

One of my coworkers feeds his cats Blue Buffalo and they pick out the darker colored ones. I haven't noticed my kitties being that picky. They love their dry food.
I am also trying to find a wet food she likes. She usually just likes to eat dry. So far the Tiki Cat is something she finds edible. At least some of them. I bought a variety pack and so far she seems to like the sardine and mackerel ones best, but not the tuna. Which is very unfortunate because the majority of the variety pack is tuna! Typical. 

The packaging and name is so adorable so that makes me happy. Also the fact that it's real food and not just filler is really nice. But seriously: Tiki! 

And this stuff smells so good, I want to get out the saltines and dig in. Apparently the food is certified for human consumption but I haven't tried it. Honest. 

I do have to smash it up for my cats because they are lazy little brats and don't like lumps in their wet food, but other than that I think I will switch to this brand for my inside kitties. The outdoor ones can just deal with the cheapo ones. Sorry outdoor kitties! I still love you guys. 

I wonder if at the TikiCat company parties, they serve Tiki Appetizers :) 'Cause that idea makes me giggle.

So I'm hoping with just switching to better quality food will make a difference on her weight. I still need to find her a regular vet, but I'm not interested in trying to figure out how to cut her calories while letting the other two eat what they want.

I really thought a home with stairs and a large backyard would provide plenty of exercise for her! It seems to have the opposite effect, like she is a goldfish and is trying to adapt her size to her surroundings.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear I am not the only person who thinks canned pet food smells good! We picked one from Natural Balance with lamb barely and either veggies or brown rice for Ikea and she didn't even touch it! I felt it was such a waste! Atleast the cat ate it :-)

    1. They junky cat food doesn't always smell that great, but seriously, this Tiki stuff smells amazing. It smells like the anchovies and sardines that I buy for myself!

  2. Tiki cat sounds so packaging. My Izzy is super particular about what she does and doesn't eat and she eats like a bird...three bites here, then two hours later another four bites...dude, I wish I could eat like my cat does! :)
    I love that sink.

    1. I am a sucker for packaging, and I am okay with this :)

      Cats are always so weird. In the wild I think they would eat only a few meals, not graze all day so I don't know why they would want to do that indoors. My kitties are such fatties they usually eat until they vomit. So not cute.

      The sink was a triumph! My husband and I have VERY different tastes in home furnishings, but we both liked this sink! No compromising! Hooray!