Thursday, September 19, 2013

2nd Wedding Anniversary: The Gifts

So last year I had decided to try to follow the traditional anniversary gift list for my husband. What was really funny was that his Aunts also decided to be silly and bought us a bunch of paper related gifts last year too! I know that traditionally it's just the guy that buys for the girl, but in this modern age I think it makes more sense for both of us to buy for each other. It was his wedding too!

I find shopping for him to be very hard, and with Christmas and birthdays already on the list, having an anniversary to shop for as well seemed really daunting. 

This will be our 2nd anniversary, so Cotton is the theme. Much easier than paper! I decided that he needed one silly gift to go with his actual gift. I am finding the traditional list to be very helpful to at least guide me and I like trying to be creative with it.

Since last years silly gift went over like a lead balloon, this year I went CHEAP with my silly. His real gift is the new shirt and ties for his work, and I decided to go with Cotton Candy lollipops for the silly! Maybe more of a gift for me than for him :) This way if he doesn't like it, too bad, all the sugar for me!
My husband didn't go with the theme this year, but got me something really cool. 

A new camera! 
I've been using the point and click one that he bought me about four years ago(?), and he has been wanting to upgrade me. I am tentative when it comes to new technology so I told him I wasn't ready for a DSLR. He says this is a step above what I have, but a step below the DSLR. Maybe in another four years I will be ready for something more techy. This is actually a combination anniversary/birthday gift, since both dates are pretty close.

So much bigger! I can't just throw this in my purse, I'm going to need a whole different case for it.

I haven't used it so much yet, but I do like that it takes a picture much faster.

So let's see if my photos improve! Right now I have about three weeks worth of posts already in my queue (I know, I know, so crazy!) so it will be awhile before "new" photos show up.


  1. Congratulations! Now we have a new cheapo (but not really?) activity to do! We can go take pictures together and learn how to get better =)I think I am getting better with portraits, but not so much action shoots or scenery.

    1. We will have to practice together! Maybe next time we go for a walk.

  2. Well happy anniversary! What type of camera is this? Let me know how you like it, 'cuz I am in the same place where I'd like to upgrade but I'm so not ready for DSLR.

    1. I think it's the alpha NEX-3N? Not a great name for a product I have to say. I'm still getting a feel just for the physical part of the camera, I haven't delved too much into the different functions. I'm glad that I'm just dipping my toe in with this camera, I think I would be way intimidated with anything more!!!