Monday, August 12, 2013

You know you live in the Bay Area when...

You work next to internet/tech companies:
(I do not work somewhere even a 100th as cool :/ Suck it Ebay, Paypal, Netflix and Google. Not really, I love you, let me work for you.)

You need a badge and key-card to get into your work...
But they let you dress like this:
Graphic T and Jeans is my go-to

Your commute looks like this:
Hooray for carpool (even if you statistically don't help traffic flow)!
(here is a link to an article about traffic here)


  1. Heh heh...this made me a little envious...(except for the traffic part).

    1. Aside from the really high rent (I think this city is now higher than New York) and housing costs, traffic/congestion/accidents, this place is pretty nice. I guess that is why everyone moves here! I love the diversity and multicultural atmosphere. Banh Mis and street tacos for everyone!

  2. I buy and resell on eBay (and Amazon), so that's pretty cool that you are down the road. I'm a huge fan of Google as well and they have a location here in downtown Austin. Though their main one in CA is supposed to be much better. I first fell in love with Google when I did a paper and presentation on them in business school. I love their atmosphere, the many things they offer their employees and so much else that I wish most companies would take after.

    1. Yeah, Google is pretty amazing to their employees. Everyone there is so genuinely happy! Amazing what happens when the company actually treats the workers like people and not robots :) My sister's ex-husband worked for Yahoo and they had a similar relaxed atmosphere. Tech companies know what's up!