Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One of my favorite skirts (and meal)

 I decided to put on a skirt for dinner. I bought this off of Ebay about eight years ago. It's one of my favorite skirts. It's fully lined and has a back zipper. 

I know that the mid-calf length isn't always the most flattering for a petite, but I forgive it for the fit around my waist and the fun flower print.

The pockets are faux but have really cute buttons on them.
I feel like my husband and I have been going to the Fish Market more and more... which I'm totally fine with because I love me some fish.

I really want to steal their chairs, how cute is this fish cutout? 
We ordered a crab and shrimp cocktail for our appetizer
My very favorite thing to order here (Trout)! Love ♥ 
Doesn't look very pretty, but trust me, this stuff is amazing. I need to figure out what seasoning they put on it.
 We had just gotten new phones so I was trying out the different photo options. Here is Jellybean as a comic. Very fitting I think: the filter and the fact he is on his phone.


  1. It really is a cute skirt. Screw what is allegedly flattering - it looks great. :)

    1. Aw, thanks! Shopping as a short girl can be pretty tiresome sometimes.