Monday, August 5, 2013

New Blue Q tote!

I bought this from Amazon for less than five bucks (plus free shipping)! I just can't get enough of their product; cute overload!

Love the sturdy blue zipper:
The little marshmallow guy reminds me of a little drawing my husband drew on my calf during our "courting" days. 
Ha! One of my favorites: big marshmallow guy roasting small marshmallow guy. How twisted is that?
Not sure what I'm going to use the tote for, but it was too good of an offer to not buy. I think if I was just going to spend one night somewhere this might work as a weekender, as long as I didn't put anything too dense/heavy in it. Or I might use it for craft storage. 

Who cares! CUTE.


  1. Love it. Marshmallow cannibalism.

    1. Blue Q is really nonsensical, I love it. Plus, their product is made of mostly recycled material so that is a plus :) Since my city banned plastic bags, I've become a tote-obsessed.