Thursday, August 8, 2013

First baseball game with friends

 I went to a baseball home-run derby with my husband a few years back when we were still dating, but this was my first actual baseball game.

My friend had free tickets, so I only had to pay the price of my BART ticket. I payed her in root-beer float vodka :)

I did get a little bored, but then the game picked up a bit and I saw two players run into each other. That was pretty funny. 

I don't really have the mindset for sports, I find them tremendously dull and impossible to keep track of what is going on. I don't mind seeing them live though. The enthusiasm of the crowd is fun and I like the hanging out with friends. So now I have seen a soccer and baseball game live! Now on the list: football. I think those tickets are more expensive though so we shall see about that one.
Brand ambassadors (that's the fancy name for people that hand out free stuff. My friend does brand ambassading at Costco sometimes) were there for Sobe. My friend got a little speaker, I got some socks, and we both got some tote bags.
This people are the die-hards. Apparently they go to every game. My friend pointed out one lady that she knows who has the players sign b-day cards for her and all the players know her by name. I liked that we were next to them because they were very entertaining. One person even had a drum set!
And the A's won! Hooray!

Oh, I loved this:
This was my first exposure to the "bernie lean" and it was amazeballs :) Everyone in the stadium started doing it, it was so funny! My husband said that the weekend I went they just brought back the dance because the A's have been doing well. So I'm happy that I went that weekend :)


  1. It's the best to go to a game and your team wins. Only MLB game I have seen live was the Tigers vs. -of course - the A's, (in Detroit) and we lost. In fact, the A's swept us the entire series. Le sigh. But cute photos!

    1. I love being in crowds that are into whatever we are watching, be it sports, flims, what have you. Really makes a difference! I was happy that my first game was also a winning game :) My friend let me borrow her daughters shirt, I wasn't about to invest money on one game. Though I really liked how it looked, I think I will ask my husband what is his favorite team (I think its the Angels) so maybe I won't be too much of a poser if I do buy a jersey.