Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Too hot

Guess where this quote is from! 'Cause I'm not in Topeka...*
I had other blog posts planned for this week but I am melting in this heat and I just can't be bothered to try to finish them. My computer room is upstairs aka the inferno, so that is non grata. I prefer to work on my blog on my PC,  but I tried and I sweated through my shorts in all directions and my tank top stuck to my back. Black vinyl chair no bueno in this heat.

I was thinking of working on a blog post the other night after my bath, when it was cooler, and as I was sitting there in my towel, something caught my eye. It was a big black spider on my bare shoulder. I screamed and jumped up and tried frantically to get the thing off of me. This involved me ripping the towel off because it had gotten on there. 

Unfortunately the scream caused my younger sister to run up the stairs to help me and instead she got a glimpse of me freaking out in the nude. Now we are both traumatized for different reasons.
Not drawn to scale of reality, but that is how I'm choosing to remember it.
My laptop is downstairs, but that thing generates heat so I don't want much to do with it. Normally we are best friends but we need some space. It's not you, it's me mister laptop. No, what am I saying? It's totally you and your lap roasting abilities. 

I have plenty of ideas in draft form though. At least ten recipes to make, four crafts/DIY stuff, some drawings I need to do, and whatever else that adds up to over a hundred. Yeah, I have that many in draft form. Just a bit over kill I think. I really need to finish some of my ideas already!!!

But for right now if it involves me peeling my sweaty self off the couch and not eating ice-cream for every meal, I have no plans to do it. Except for work. I am going to work.  My work has air conditioning :)

Hopefully the weather will cool down and my brain will let me be more creative and productive.

(Most of this post was done at work. During my break of course. I'm a good employee.)

*Did you guess the quote? It's from Foster's House for Imaginary Friends!


  1. i love your little drawing. OH your poor sister! haha! hope you get cooled somehow.

    1. thank you :) i know, poor sister! i didn't mean to scream, i don't even remember screaming that loud but i must have.

  2. I LOVE that drawing!!! Heh heh! (And since I'm reading your posts in backwards-order...what is with you and spiders lately?)

    1. With the heat wave, they have been out in full force. Our house is not that far from the hills so there is a lot of grasses and open spaces for them. We had the house bombed before we moved in, but I think all that has worn off :/