Tuesday, July 23, 2013

French Dip

I modified this recipe from  the cookbook: 30 Minute Meals 2 by Rachael Ray. My husband loves french dip so it was great to find a really easy recipe to make.

1T butter
2T shallots
1T flour
1 can beef consume

sourdough rolls
deli roast beef
seasoning of your choice (I used Chicago Steak seasoning this time. Sometimes I will use seasoned salt, garlic salt, or just salt and pepper.)

For the sauce: melt the butter on medium, then saute the shallots for about two minutes. Mix in the flour for another minute. Add the consume and whisk it all together. Let it bubble and keep it simmering on low while you prepare the meat.

For the meat, I sprinkle it with some seasoning and then heat it in the microwave for about thirty seconds. If it's still cold on the bottom, mix it up and heat for another 15 seconds. 

I have also used leftover steak, which is better, but I don't always have that on hand.

I suck at remembering about produce in the fridge so I just buy freeze dried shallots. I re-hydrate them in a bit of water before starting the recipe.
 The finished au jus sauce:
So simple and fast!


  1. That looks so good and it's so simple. Yummy

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! My husband really likes it, I trust his opinion on au jus sauce since he is the one that really likes it :)