Monday, July 15, 2013

Rave to Run: Run Like A Noodle!

 I went to Sacramento to participate in the Rave to Run 5k marathon. It wasn't really a marathon, just a lot of dancing and then stumbling around in the dark :) This was my first "marathon", so yay me! I had a blast.
This is my full outfit. I even put little glow sticks in my shoes. I don't know what pose I'm trying to do.
We decided to attend this event because another friend of ours had volunteered so she had some codes for us to get in for free! It would have cost us $60 otherwise, so this made us very happy.
 They handed out some free glow-stick items and a granola bar. The bar was pretty good. It was a nutty honey thing. It wasn't too dry, which was nice because I prefer chewy granola bars.
 Activate had a booth set up giving out free drinks. I like the concept, but the flavor of mine (fruit punch) wasn't that great. Tasted like Flintstones multivitamins. You twist the top which releases the vitamins into the drink which is suppose to keep the integrity of the vitamins longer.
 My friend started calling the tubes on the headbands "noodles" so we started saying that we were going to "run like a noodle". That became our mantra throughout the evening. Run like a noodle! So of course we had to practice our noodle moves.
My body was not cooperating on being more bendy.
The event attracted over a thousand people! I feel that people were confused about the actual intent of this "marathon" and there were actually some serious runners that showed up. This was not actually a running event, confusing I know. The point was to just have fun and be silly. The way the course was set up was not super great, too many dark spots which made it kinda dangerous, especially if you were trying to run and make "good time". Many people ended up taking short cuts, which meant they lost out on some of the things set up along they way like the disco balls and a stage set up for more music.

I was happy to see other people dressed up! So many cute tutus!
They had a stage set up with a DJ and very talkative MC to entertain us while we waited for it to get dark. They had us dancing for over an hour before the sun went down! I was already exhausted before the "race" even started. 

This is what the race looked like when it started! So dark, it was hard to see where we were suppose to go.
We stopped a lot to dance and take photos. They had speakers set up sporadically so I tried to get people to join me on my dance party, but they became private dance parties :( Being silly was much more fun than running and crashing into trash cans that lined the course. Good idea when it's light out, bad idea when it's dark.
Halfway or so through the course they had a circus of sorts set up. Fire dancers and gymnasts put on a show. The children at the event were completely entranced with it. It was really spectacular, wish I was able to capture it on film better.
I had a great time! I think I would go again, but I would go to it when it was in my own city. I hope they can work out some of the kinks to make it safer and therefore more fun :)


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    1. Thanks :) Next time I will bring a backpack or fanny pack, it's a bit awkward to try to run while carrying a cell phone and camera.

  2. OMGthatissoawesome!!!! Makes me want to start running....but not in the summer heat in Houston.

    1. What was nice about this one was that there was actually very little running involved. I'm not very athletic despite what my small size might suggest, I get winded very quickly. I would like to be able to run again, but I think summer is not a great time to try that :)