Monday, July 29, 2013

My neighbors don't have the same sense of humor

My husband and I received this a few months ago when it was still raining. Our yard kind of got really crazy really fast. We went out there with our little trimmer, but the battery died and we thought it was really funny leaving a tuft in the middle. Apparently our neighbors did not share the same sentiments.
I feel like we were playing Clue, neighborhood edition.

  • Was it the old people to the right because our weeds are right next to their manicured lawn?
  • Was it the new people two houses down that had taken pictures of my brother's truck that we had parked on the lawn?
  • Was it the rednecks to the left because they thought we complained about their noise level?
  • Was it the neighborhood gardener trying to drum up business?
Whatever. We took care of it. Actually, the elderly neighbors helped me out by just mowing it for me. Way to look incapable and pitiful, Heather!
Okay, the yard was out of control. The "little" bit that we left in the middle actually went up to my knees.

Did I mention how much I despise yard work??? Especially if it involves the front yard, I don't like the idea of people watching me sweat and struggle. I cannot wait until we can afford to have it landscaped the way I want. So... never. Darn. Yard work it is.
Oh, and this is how our yard looks now. I'm sure our neighbors hate us. I am making an effort to go out there every other weekend and trim down the random weeds that keep growing. Why they keep growing I don't know because you know I'm not watering the "lawn". Sometimes owning a home is the suck.


  1. I would laugh if I was your neighbor. Also: what if the people two houses down who took the pic of your brother's truck have a blog and they are blogging about their, you? So weird.

    1. omg that would be amazing if i was fodder for someone else's blog!!!

  2. We made sure to only look in neighborhoods without HOA's before we bought. Ain't nobody gonna tell me what to with my property, but then again, we did paint our garage and trim on our house purple. I cant think of any "controlled" neighborhoods that would let that fly.

    Have you thought of using gravel instead of grass in your front yard? Then you wouldn't have to mow or landscape....

    1. What's funny is that we are not in a HOA neighborhood! I already knew that was not going to mesh well with my personality. We have been trying to think of things to do with the yard, but since we are not sure that we want to stay here for very long we don't want to invest too much or alter it in a way that would make it harder to sell. I figure it is just an overgrown jungle for about three months of the year, I will just have to get my butt in gear :/

    2. In my city, it is actually against city code for any weeds to be over ten inches high. So neighbors can call and be nit picky about that.