Monday, July 8, 2013

Academy of Science Museum

My husband and I decided to take the Friday off after the fourth to go to the Academy of Science museum with a couple of our friends. I had a great time! Though being around parents and their offspring usually cements the idea that I do not want any of my own. I wish parents had more spacial awareness where their strollers are concerned! But people were very gracious when the inevitable bumps happened and were very apologetic. The museum was very cool so I can understand losing your focus :)

It was pretty busy, but I think we managed to see everything. They had an earthquake exhibit which included an earthquake simulator. This made me laugh that we were standing in line for a fake earthquake when we LIVE IN CALIFORNIA. 
 This was us in the simulator. It felt like being on a train, which is NOT how an earthquake feels, but good try :)

The part that I thought was super cool was the indoor rain forest. There were lot's of different kinds of birds and butterflies flying around.
 There were also lots of terrariums set up with interesting creatures. They even had a leaf-cutter ant farm set up.
 What's cool about the "pond" is that they have a floor underneath it! So you get to view it from all sides.
 The butterflies were ALL over the place, but it was hard to photograph them! 

There was SO much more there but I kept forgetting to take photos! 
 Next time I would like to explore the other museums and gardens in the same area, it was absolutely gorgeous! Should have brought a sweater (der, it's San Francisco!), but we spent the majority of our time inside so it wasn't so bad.
Beautiful courtyard! That funky building in the back is an art museum. Next time!
My husband and I on top of the museum where they have a rooftop garden set up. I liked how they made hills so it wasn't all flat, they looked like little hobbit homes!

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