Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sunset Magazine Expo 2013

Sunset Magazine is one of my friends favorite magazine. I love that we have a magazine for our coast, many magazines seem more southern or east coast focused. 

Every year, Sunset Magazine holds an expo on their actual publishing grounds in Menlo Park. We decided to take CalTrain and then walk. I wish I thought to take photos of our walk, the homes were absolutely beautiful.

Since we took the train, we were able to get a dollar off of our entrance fee. Whoo-hoo, the total came up to only $17 each! Haha, okay, not much of a savings, but we got a good walk out of it. I love walking around neighborhoods.
Right away we were handed a free tote bag with a map, a list of presentations, snack mix, and a few commercial brochures for home improvement.
We decided to hit up the free hot dog stand first. Apparently some people had complained that it was only HALF a hotdog, which is so silly. It's free! It was an all natural beef hot-dog on a whole wheat bun. They had condiments (mustard, ketchup, relish, onions) set up so you could doctor it up however you liked. There was also a side of one thick potato slice.
Yogurt time! Free yogurt and toppings bar. I just got a little bit of fruit on mine, but there was also some granola and a bunch of other things.
Free frozen yogurt! I didn't get one because I had already bought a box of those, and I knew I got tired of it quickly. Great flavor and texture, but very one note. Would be better as a bon-bon.
Free sample of blue bunny ice-cream. I got banana split which was pretty yummy. Wasn't too keen on the nuts in it though. Might look for plain strawberry in the store.
Avocado/Banana smoothie. Interesting... I had never had an avocado smoothie before. I might try to make one at home, I don't know.
(Virgin) Bloody Mary. They had ones with alcohol, but I didn't feel like paying for the wrist ban to get the various free alcohol. They also had a wine and beer tasting ticket (I think it was ten dollars) that a lot of people took advantage of, but we were not interested in drinking that day.

I liked the drink, wish I picked up the recipe card. It was a little too spicy, but I loved how they used a snap pea as a garnish.
We really liked this set up. It's made of reclaimed wood and windows. I like the mix of man-made and nature, like it's a structure that is slowly being succumbed to the plants on accident. 
Loved this too! They had beans growing up one side of it. I'm partial to roundy things. I would love to make this the entrance to my garden one day.

There was so much more, including more free food samples, but we didn't feel like standing in line for everything. We sat through a couple of presentations, the one on succulents was very interesting, those are my favorite kind of plants.

There were also a ton of food trucks; I wanted to get some tacos to eat on the way back to the train but the line was sooo long!
Hipster bikes! Haha, they even had a bike valet, so ridiculously funny.
Crazy cat lady strikes again!
This cat was sitting in front of an apartment building and perked up once I called out to him. He wasn't that interested in being petted, just wanted to talk. A LOT.

Great day, would love to go again next year. Maybe with a hat that actually goes with my outfit :)

Here's a pic of the other goodies I was able to get for free:


  1. so many things for free :D looks like you had a nice day!

    1. i really felt like i got my $17 worth! it was a great day, i think i would go again next year, maybe try the wine tasting :)

  2. Love Penzey's, love Sunset mag! Found you at Better Bloggers Network, am following you! :)

    1. thanks for following me! i just ordered a penzys gift set for my dad for father's day. he has really been into cooking (even baking!) since he has retired.

  3. That looks like so much fun! I love getting free food samples and grab bags. Definitely looks like it was worth the admission price.

    1. Before I knew about all the free stuff I thought the admission price was a bit much. I really enjoyed it and I will prolly go again next year.