Monday, June 17, 2013

Start Organic

 StartOrganic put on a free demonstration at a local Whole Foods. They went in depth on how to plant your own organic garden, from where to place certain plants and why. It was very informative! I really felt like I learned a lot. I tried to take a lot of notes so that way I will have a better plan for next year.

Wish I waited to plant my garden. So many mistakes. Whoops. Now I know!

What did I do wrong? 

  • My box is too small for the amount of plants I placed
  • I let the zucchini plant take over
  • When I water, I get water on the leaves
  • I didn't start off with a support structure for my tomatoes (and now they are super crazy)
Something that I think is cool about this group is that they will come to your house and give you a free consultation. That way they can see what your yard looks like and give you the best advice for you and your yard. I will not do this because I'm actually very shy and one-on-one attention is my worst nightmare. But I like the concept!

They also make their own garden boxes, and will make ones for you. They even GARDEN FOR SOME PEOPLE. That part seems kind of silly to me, but hey, some people don't have the time? They really want people to grow their own food, in a natural and organic way. 

This group also is organizing neighborhood co-ops for your extra veggies. You go, drop off your goods and trade. Pretty awesome! Any un-traded food they will donate to local food banks. Love love love!
At the end of the presentation, they gave out free seeds! My friend also got a free bag for answering a question correctly. 

I hope to make a few more boxes for next year, and planting more veggies. So far I've grown two zucchinis but I fed them to my turtle, so I'm not sure how they taste!


  1. Holy monkeys! This sounds so amazing! How cool! And I learned a little something-something for if I ever have a garden of my own.

    1. Other things: have your garden facing south, arrange the garden tall to short, use the corn to support the beans... I will have to go through my notes and make another post!

  2. I wonder if they'll come to Houston to have a look at my yard??? I'm planning on planting next year, but I'm so terrible with plants....I'd definitely love to read another post about this!

    1. I'm half and half on plants... my poor zucchini is all yellowed now. Forgot to water it a bit! Whoops.