Thursday, May 30, 2013

I hate you white decorative rocks.

Ugly house is surrounded by them. They are EVERYWHERE. I didn't know what to do with the rocks that I moved from the corner, so I dumped them on top of the other rocks around the porch.

I am now putting them into burlap bags which will go on Craig's List. Well, that is the plan at least. You can see how far I've gotten on the project. Meaning I started and hated it and stopped and promised I would start again but I haven't. Yeah.
Just that small area filled up this many bags!!! This is going to be a long and tiresome process.


  1. ...And since I live in a 3rd floor apartment, posts like this make me appreciate not having a yard to maintain. Also: building houses in The Sims is more fun than maintaining one's own. ;)

    1. Ha, if I was someones Sim they would hate me because I would never do what they instructed me to do.

    2. I have had Sims do this to me before.

    3. I really don't understand the forgetful trait or whatever it is, that one is so annoying! You have a bunch of stuff set up for your sim, forget about them while you are with another sim, go back to ol forgetful, and they walked into a room, forgot what they were suppose to do and decide to go do something useless.